Monday, March 21, 2011

10 Months Old

These posts sure are getting less and less wordy, eh?  Macy and Molly are keeping their Momma busy! 
They are so much more active these days, and life has changed here on Elmwood Blvd.
I will come back and put more info...but, I're here for the pictures.  :) 
Me, too!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Lots of changes and busy - ness have been going on around here these last two weeks.

Here's a list....'cause Mommy's too tired to write proper paragraphs right now.
  • Molly, you've started to do the "army crawl"...pulling yourself along with your arms....but in the last two days, March 5 and 6, you've started pullling your knees up and you're on the brink of using your knees to help you.
  • Macy, you have made Mommy and Daddy so happy because you've started rolling a lot've gone through a phase of being content to stay in one spot.  But, now, you're rolling more.  Getting your arm out from under you once you roll is still a little tough,'re on the move.
  • Both of you have been doing little dances....your Daddy and I call it "The Worm".  Molly you kinda started it....and Macy has her own variation of it....even more fun is the fact that you're copying us now...when we start "the worm"....sometimes you both will get a look in your eyes....and copy us...with a smile.
  • Speaking of girls make your Mommy and Daddy so very very happy.  Thank you!
  • We got rid of our couch this week...gave it to Lindsay for her new apartment.....and we have so much more room in our den, is wonderful!  We put a new picture of y'all over the mantle....the picture of you in the field right after your doctor's appointment on Mommy's birthday.  I love that picture so much and you both look so happy in it! 
  • At the doctor, for your 9 months visit, you got glowing reports.  Yay!  Macy, you weigh 18 pounds and Molly, you weigh 17 pounds. 
  • I started planning your birthday party this week! I'm excited to make it special for you. I just don't want you to grow up.
  • Your Daddy lowered the crib mattresses on both cribs yesterday.....for once, we beat y'all to a stage of development :).
  • And, Mommy lost a little bit more of her brain cells this week.  Here's an example:  I left a note yesterday for your Daddy this weekend... (I was going to the grocery store) The note said, "You're a great Dad. Thanks for all you do. There's some leftover bananas (for the girls) in the crib." CRIB. And it wasn't leftover bananas. It was apples.
    Get close, Macy!
    Molly is in the background of our newly 'less cluttered' room....nice to have some breathing room.
    Macy loves driving the ship!
    Macy at the Park
    Play Date #2 - fun, fun!  This is at Daniel and Dylan's house....
    Grandaddy, you're so smart.  Thanks for letting us sit in your chair!
    Molly investigates her first ladybug!
    Picture taken by Mrs. Vance, edited by Mommy....I love this one!!
    Macy, 9 months
    *Mrs. Lee, this is the outfit we got with your moo-lah the other day!  Thank you so much!
    Molly, 9 months
    Mommy dug down deep and got brave enough to take y'all to the grocery store because she needed to get some things for special company, the Germano family.  I really planned this trip carefully and we had a rolling day care by the time it was all over.  Y'all did great and I was very proud of you!!
    Molly is being a big girl and using her sippy cup! 
    Can you see her smiling behind the cup?


    My little family on my 39th birthday taken by our personal photographer, Krissy Brown.