Sunday, September 28, 2014

Flower Festival

Fall!!!   Love it!

Love that you girls came home with a pumpkin just your size....and some bamboom (bamboo) and we enjoyed some beautiful weather while making memories.

Despite the looks (above), you begged to go back to this "scary" booth.....
the wonder in your eyes is amazing.

afternoon at your Great Grandaddy's Place

Girls, you come from some wonderfully country - very country - roots.  Your paternal Great Grandaddy spent the second half of his life down in the country in Lugoff.  For much of that time, there was no running water and very primitive conditions (by choice).  His land holds memories and artifacts with unlimited meaningful stories attached.  Your Grandaddy and his siblings have done things to keep it up and for a while, Mommy's cousin is living there with his son, Luke.  So we are excited that there's life there again. It was a thrill to see your ponytails bouncing as you ran around exploring.   From tire swings, rusted gates, wildflowers, army equipment, antiques rusting in the grass, rutted out driveways and much more - we need to spend much more time there.  

Preschool - 4 years

Mommy loves it when the preschool shares pictures from your school day!






Monday, September 22, 2014

Rosewood Arts Festival

Daddy had a rare Saturday off and we were excited that there was a festival (y'all pronounced it feggshtible) to go to.  I would be thrilled if y'all fell in love with the arts.