Monday, January 28, 2013

Fun Times

This is what my Daddy was working on one day recently when
we stopped by.  This is a tie organizer he is building for a
customer.  Can you imagine having that many ties and
that much space for them?

Vroommm vroom
Safest motorized toys ever
Probably negative miles per hour

This shed opens up my childhood memories....
The girls are fascinated by its contents,
just like I was.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Church - Baby Jeesus

In my past 15 years ago, I was a very faithful church member....and actively taught many children through my church.  I'm so happy that today, Charles and I finally made it back to church and hope to become faithful so that our Macy and Molly will learn and grow with a strong foundation.

Molly saying "cheese"....
She picked out her outfit today....I had a dressier choice picked out,
but she wanted the overalls...

Wow, the sun was so bright!!

This makes me so happy!

Molly is fascinated by snaps and buckles....that may be why
she chose this outfit...the other one had boring elastic.

On the way home...all tuckered out.

Sweet wittle hands....

Every family that I know who goes to the church we visited today is OUTSTANDING in all kinds of ways.  I got to sit beside a dear friend .... and just behind me was another.  Both of these ladies took sweet care of me and showed me great compassion during my treatment....and as the pastor talked about  how church members should show compassion....I was thinking that those two ladies have represented their church and thier God very well!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Fam-a-LEE, Mommy? Fam-a-LEE.

Today, Charles and I took the girls to the Upstate of SC to visit some of his family.  I love visiting them...they've totally made me feel like I belong with them and they're so easy to be around.

As we started out this morning, I told the girls where we were going and allllll the way up there, they'd sporadically say, "Fam-a-LEE, Mommy?"  And after we left our first stop, one of them said, "More fam-a-LEE, Mommy?"  And yep, sure 'nuff, we went to see more.

Our first stop was at Aunt Mary Lynn and cousin Elizabeth's amazing new piece of heaven....I'm so excited for them....they have 9 acres of beautiful land that they 100% appreciate....and their happiness oozes out of them!  I'm thrilled for y'all, Aunt Mary Lynn!  We can't wait to come back on a non-rainy day and run all over the place!!

Elizabeth, I'm thrilled that you were able to find a place like you had dreamed about.  You and your Momma deserve all that beauty and happiness!

Our next stop was at Mom Mom's...Charles' grandmother....we got to visit with her...Charles' uncles and Aunt, too.  Food, football and good company...a very nice afternoon!

I love this picture of you, Mom Mom!