Monday, April 30, 2012

Busy, Busy, Busy & Fun!

Oh my heavens...there's so much going on....I can't keep up.

Today, girls, you were home with your Daddy as you usually are on Mondays.  After school, I had a photo session, so I got home at almost 7:00.  I was totally amazed that your Daddy had taught you some colors today.....he didn't know that they had 'stuck' with you, though.  He turned to a picture in a certain book, and was surprised himself, Macy, when you pointed to a purple sock and said, "Purple"  and then he asked you other colors and you pointed to them!

We've been busy, busy lately!  I have been doing lots of photo sessions after school and on the weekends which is fun for me and also helps to pay for your childcare.  I'm torn because I don't like leaving you, especially for a 2nd job, but, I'm thankful for being able to do something that brings me joy and helps to provide for our family.  We're blessed that you're able to stay at home while I'm away at work.  But, I do feel guilty driving away from the house and seeing you watching me at the door.

This was your first time going to church in quite a while.
Your Daddy and I have found a church that we think may "stick" with us.
The green ribbons on your dresses had your names written
on them so that the nursery folks could distinguish you.
Leaving you in the nursery was traumatic for all of us.
Man that was a LONG hour.

Aunt Ginger gave you pretty little dresses for your
early birthday gift.

It brings me great pleasure to hear you giggling and playing together.  You definitely have your times where you get frustrated with each other, but mostly, you enjoy each other so much.  

Walking up the hill behind Grandaddy's shop.
Behind  you is the place where you like to
feed the goats.  

Some new things you're saying these days:
poach = porch
wahdee = water
sheer = share
pay = play
bokki = broccoli (Macy)
guppies = bubbles (Molly)

One thing that amazes me about you is that you know and recognize the road that Grandaddy lives on.
If we pass it, you get sad and upset.

Goat feeding time!

Molly & Grandaddy

Such big girls!

I love that y'all do this kind of thing
in all seriousness!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Your 2nd Easter!

The other night, LeAnna watched you while Mommy went to take pictures....and when I came home she had taught y'all to say, "Happy Easter".....oh my.  So sweet!

We had a special time today, gathering at the same spot as my family has for approximately 60 years.  We enjoyed a delicious picnic lunch and family time, along with an Easter egg hunt that you both did very well with!

Two Easters ago, I was a very large pregnant lady!  Now, I have little girls who can hunt eggs....beg for food from all the family around and play....and make me so very happy.  

This morning, we took your pictures in the back yard (and some in our dear neighbor's back yard)....surprisingly, Macy, you're wearing the same dress as you did last Easter!  

Flashback to your 1st Easter:

Spring Pictures

Aunt Krissy, Jessica and I chased y'all around the park recently to get these pictures!  Mommy's friend, Mrs. Jakki, made these dresses for you and they were perfect for a Spring photo shoot!