Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Speedy Manners

Molly has started saying "thank-um" the time when it is appropriate to say "thank you" .... she's combining "thank you" with "you're welcome" and it is sooooooo precious!!  Love it!!

Mommy Takes Requests!

A short little post here to say that it cracks me up when you girls interrupt whatever verse/song I'm singing to request something different.

Molly, you are especially funny in this regard....

If I'm singing "The Wheels on the Bus"....I'll start singing it like normal....and you'll say "baybay" (baby) meaning that you want me to change to "The Baby on the Bus"......then, when I do'll quickly start saying, "honk honk"...meaning, "The Horn on the Bus".

If I start singing, "The Itsy Bitsy Spider".....after I get started, you'll say, "Pat Pat" meaning that you want me to switch to "Patty Cake Patty Cake" ....

The little smile that comes over your face while you're making your request is the icing on the cake!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

A Wonderfully Normal Summer Day

We had such a good day together today.

Our normal, lazy summer days kind of go something like get up and walk into the den with your tired smiles and messy start to say 'yogurt' and your Daddy usually feeds you that plus some 'fuut' (fruit).  I brush your hair and fix your pigtails.....we play on the watch a cartoon while I take my is so relaxed and nice.

Today, though, Mommy was kind of 'down' feeling...and during your nap, I had too much time to think.  Sometimes that's good and sometimes it is just too much.

So, a storm came up and the thunder was loud enough to wake y'all up.....I stopped what I was doing (which is usually working on my little photography business) and went in to scoop y'all up.  I sat on the floor with y'all while you looked out your bedroom window at the heavy rain.  You were amazed by the sounds and the sights of the thunderstorm.  In fact, you know the word thunder and instead you cutely say, "thunderin".  You looked back and forth at me with sincere, and oh so cute, "Oh!s" and you were ready for the storm to be over.  So, both of you said, "Bye bye thunderin" and you waved at the was clear you had decided that the storm was to end.  When you walked into the den, y'all looked back and forth at me and each other, because much to your surprise, there was a storm outside THESE windows, too!

Now, Mommy loves thunderstorms, but you two girls don', secretly, I relish in the fact that you come running to me when the big sounds happen....but outwardly, I try to show you that it is no big deal.

So, I decided that we would watch a movie, alllll cuddled up, while it was dark and stormy outside........this may sound like no biggie, but, it is something that I rarely do.  I loved it.  We layed on the couch....Molly on my left; Macy on my right, and named all the animals on the "Neighborhood Animals" video that y'all like.  It was a wonderful feeling to just put everything aside and enjoy snuggling with the two of you.  I love you to burstin!

We had our afternoon snack....changed ready - BY THE WAY - YOU GIRLS NOW KNOW HOW TO PUT YOUR SHOES ON!!!!!!!!!!  THAT'S CRAZY TO ME!  I can say, "Put your shoes on...and you DO!"  Woah!!!   We went to meet Daddy after his work day ended because Mommy wanted to get out of the house!  :)  So, thankfully the storm passed and we were able to go eat and walk around the shops at Sandhills.  You absolutely LOVE being able to walk freely...and it absolutely terrifies me!  But, it is soooooooooo cute to see your little bodies walking confidently and happily....weaving in and out (no manners/no understanding of 'walk on the right') of the wide variety of people there.....and the cutest thing of all is to see one of your chubby little hands lift up and wave at someone who looks soooo different than you....and to see them wave back.  I'm particularly thinking of some 'tough' looking teenagers, walking around last night, trying to project their certain look...and them having a hard time resisting a cute little 2 foot tall 'waver' and dimple clad "Hi".

To top off the evening, we rode the "choo choo terrain"  (train) that you can pay way too much money to ride around for a few minutes.  For a while now, y'all have seemed interested in trains, so I was excited to see y'alls reactions.  I was amazed that all 4 of us could fit in one car together.  Y'all were excited, but also, very unsure of all the 'piped in' train sounds coming through the speakers.  But, you had a fun fact, at one point, Macy said, "Fun", and nodded her head up and down to confirm it.  So precious.

On the ride home, Molly started saying, "Buh-time", which means 'bedtime'.......and so your normal day came to an end.

Picture of us on the train coming sooooon :).

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Flashback to Spring

Here are a few pictures from our fun time that we had at the Sparkleberry Country Fair!  I've driven past this for years, but this time, my friend Cynthia and I decided to go.  It was SOOOOO worth it.  There were animals there that I've never seen - even in books!  Dr. Seuss type animals!  We had a great time!

There's little Faith and my friend, Cynthia

Cute little locomotive hats were given out!

Chugga chugga chugga chugga choo choo!
These days, y'all say, "Choo Choo cha-rain"

Random Bits of Summer

At long last, I was able to get the pictures off of my phone...they're not amazing or anything, but they help me remember what we've been up to this summer.  It has been a wonderful and relaxing summer....I took the whole first month to just 'veg out' and relax.

Now, this week, I've started my big projects that I've been putting off and have tried to continue my commitment to exercise.....but, yesterday, it all came tumbling down.  My back had a terrible pain that was so bad, I had to call your Daddy home from work.  I do pray that you both find a mate like your Daddy.  He has taken such great care of me, especially yesterday!  So, our house is in disarray....I'm in the middle of a huge 'cleaning out' and am getting ready for a yard sale, but the wheels are turning much slower now.

Some of the cute things y'all are saying these days:

  • Macy, when I walk into y'alls bedroom to settle you down during nap time, you sound so funny saying, "Hey Baby" and "Hey Darling" reminds me of what it must be like to be a super attractive lady walking into a bar....with you draped over the side of your crib...pacifier just barely hanging in your mouth....oh you are soooo cute!
  • Molly, you like to kiss on the cheek....sometimes when I go to kiss you, you say, "Cheek, cheek" and you want me to turn my head from side to side....kind of European...  :)
  • The cutest thing going right now is when Macy says, "Oh my goodness" in a voice that is so cute!!
Here's some random cell phone pictures:

This goes back to the beginning of the summer when we went to have lunch and explore at Old McCaskill's Farm near Camden.  It is a magical place!

Here's Auntie Tajia helping Macy swing.

The new baby chicks were fascinating, to say the least!

Brave Bethany holding a chick, with Macy looking on.


More chickens!

This picture cracks me up!  I love the way Molly and the pig are looking at each other.

Mrs. Holmberg and Molly looking at the chickens!

LUNCH!!!  Y'all kept Mommy hopping during this delicious lunch...baked spaghetti...
you both loved it....but you just can't sit still!

Goats....y'all are experts in goat feeding, thanks to Grandaddy.

This is at the Clemson Extension property in NE Columbia...
Y'all love to go in and out of Old McDonald's farmhouse!

Molly definitely loves to stop and smell the flowers.
I love that.


This is at a Pet Store that is nearby....this time, I let y'all walk in...instead of having you in a stroller....
it was...interesting .... and fun!

This was a fun were able to stand on the chairs and
watch the grooming!  Love it!