Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Rock a Bye Baby!

Tonight, I was giving you little sweeties a bath.......

Our little routine is for me to get you at a time...and wrap you in your towel....and I rock you like a little baby...and sing my version of "Rock a Bye"....

Rock  a  Bye Baby
In the tree tops
When the wind blows
The cradle will rock
When the bough breaks,
Ain't nothin' gone happen to you
Cause Mommy loves Macy/Molly
SO very much!

...the reason this is blog because Macy has been watching my lips while I sing and will usually chime in on the last syllable of each line....but tonight, she was ready to sing the whole, on my second time 'round singing it....she sang with me....our eyes were locked....and I was totally engulfed in the most wonderful, indescribable happiness to see her little eyes dance and the pride that she was showing that she could remember the was priceless.  Truly.

Then, when Molly's turn came, Macy had bounced out of the bathroom...exploring....and I was holding Molly and singing.....and then Macy appeared....WITH THE VIDEO CAMERA....and said, "I'm going to take a picture?"  That's their way of asking permission.  So, I pushed "record" and kept on singing to Molly.  It'll be fun one day to see what she actually captured.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Your 3rd Birthday Party

Torrential Downpours!
But, nothing could rain on our parade.
I always am so excited to celebrate your special day.
You were both thrilled to know that you were getting "happy cake"!!!

Friday, May 17, 2013

You are THREE today!

Oh my!!!
Today is your 3rd birthday!!

Mommy took the day off of work and is going to spend it with you!!

I'm so thankful that you do not associate special days with gifts.....yet......and so when you tell me things you want for your birthday it really surprises me....Macy, you have consistently said that you want a brown cake....and Molly wants a blue both want strawberries.....and balloons.....all your wishes will come true today.

I can't wait to spend the day with you!

It is 7:30 AM....I hear you stirring in your bedroom.  I'm going to blow up some balloons right now....and we're going to have a fun day.

I feel like I didn't even start living until you came into my life.

I love you both beyond description!

Happy Birthday!!


I blew up 2 balloons and let you wake up to balloons in your were thrilled and played 'keep the balloon in the air' and giggled and had fun....

Next, we opened Aunt Ginger's package all the way from Massachusetts!   It came yesterday and I told you we'd open it first thing.  Aunt Ginger is so good about using the mail to keep in touch.  She always has been. You were so excited to see what was in the package.

Your Daddy made this day even more special because he went in late to work today and we spent the morning doing birthday stuff....we started out eating 'cake' for breakfast.....we went to Tiffany's Bakery and let you choose what goodie you wanted....their things are absolutely beautiful.... confectionery art!

Confection Heaven

Cards that came in the mail this week....

A birthday card and gift from Mrs. Tanja - we miss you!

Cake!!  A pretty petit four with a blue flower  for Molly


Fun card from Aunt Sharon!

I took this picture because I think this is from the original Tiffany's that was in Columbia Mall...
where Aunt Ginger worked back in her high school days!

Stickers from sweeeet, sweet Sharon.
We love and miss you!

Next, was a stop at Party get some things for your party.

Then, we stopped by wally world to get you a pool that we used your gift card from Mrs. Tanja for!!  And here I sit bloggin' while you're having a ton of fun in the pool after your nap.  A wonderful day.  Wonderful.  By the way....all of the above was done by 11:30 AM!