Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Snow 2014 - 3 years old

This January snow storm's name was "Leon"...and it took a long time for it to finally make it to our area....your Daddy wisely said not to tell y'all it was gonna snow.  I wanted to tell y'all so bad but, was glad we hadn't when it took so long to finally come.

Y'all had learned a "snow dance song" at Preschool and so, I told y'all that it was a magical kind of day ... and if you sang the song, it just might work!  A later amended version of my words included..."the song takes a while to take effect...gotta be patient..."

So, even though the forecast kept shifting....from 7:15ish...and then almost all hope was lost.  I asked you to sing the song before you went to bed.....y'all went to sleep ... and about an hour later it started ....  we woke you up....when you opened your eyes, Macy, you said, "Is it snowing?"  Y'all were glued to the windows...then we went outside and you let some snow fall on your tongue....then back to bed!

We played in the snow THREE times was truly a WONDERFUL day.