Sunday, March 25, 2012

Spring has Sprung!

With each heavy rain we've had, more flowers pop open.....this has been a weird season to seems like winter didn't get a chance to finish or something - which is fine with me!  So, it has been wonderful to be outside and play.  We go to Grandaddy's a lot, and one of the great things about it is that the girls can play and play without me worrying too much about the cars going by, thanks to his big yard.

I keep thinking of things I want to blog about because I know they will be short lived, and hard to remember one here's another little list:

  • Molly calls fruit, "foooot"
  • Macy now says "Yes!" and pumps her elbow/fist like a little boy she saw in a commercial!  
  • Molly lifted her shirt yesterday to let Daddy's dog lick her belly!
  • The girls brush their hair out of their face in a 'super-star/royal/can't be bothered kind of's adorable!
  • They've started holding hands when you ask them to (after about 3 or 4 requests)
  • They're doing a better job of staying with me when they need to ..... like yesterday, I took them to a bridal shower (crazy, I know)....I had to get them from the car to the house, plus a giant box that had a wreath in it.....I had Molly on one hip, the giant box in that same hand....and Macy holding my hand to walk to the house....thank HEAVENS she stayed with me!   I knew we'd only be able to stay for a few minutes before everything headed south....and we were able to stay for about 15 minutes....long enough to share a piece of ice cream cake!
  • They both got skinned knees for the first time this week....same knee, too!
  • Words that they're saying now......sissy, home, bir (bird), pane (plane), peas (please), cheese, lilla (Olivia) which is a word that can go many it!
  • Molly says "do" for 'door'....reminds me of Loretta Lynn calling her husband Doo
  • Did I blog yet about Molly saying "home" when we parked in the driveway one night after a long night.....oh my WORD, I love that memory!
  • They try to put their shoes on, but no luck yet....they can get them 1/2 way on.....
Molly, running down the hill at Grandaddy' is hard for
me to accept that they don't need my help anymore.  

Pretty little country girl

Macy and Daddy and Omaha, the dog....I call him Bullet,
because he runs SO FAST and you have to get out
of his way!

Holding hands!

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Look at that grin on Daddy's face!  Wonder what he's up to?

She put this bucket on her head in allllll seriousness and walked around.

When Macy did it, Molly thought it was hilarious.

Catching water rolling from the shed's roof.....dirty, but FUN!

Looks like Easter!

They went straight to the shed....this is where the goat food is......Molly started
saying, "Dooooooo", "Dooooooooooo"

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

22 Months!

I am so happy when I think about my girls.  Right now, I'm sitting on the couch, dabbling in my photography stuff and also working on school work.  I put you girls to bed around 7:30 and for a good while I could hear jibber jabber .... Molly, you got your knees stuck in the yours was a mixture of jabber and crying.  I went in...rescued you....hugged you both....and then Macy, you started singing....beautiful non-sense singing that is bringing tears to my eyes, thinking back on it.  

I am treasuring the non-sense talk so much, because it is fleeting.  Every day, you both are learning new words and I know that soon, the jibber jabber will be gone.  I dread that day.  But, on the flip side, it is wonderful to see you learning and making connections!

Today, Molly, you went to the gate that has now become a part of our wanted to go play in the yard so, you looked back and forth between the yard and me....raised your arms up eagerly, and said, "Pay, Pay!"  (play, play)  How can you say no to that?  I didn't!

Recent words:
pea - pop = peacock
shaa = share
too-choo = choo choo
Aaaaa-knee = Ernie (they love Ernie!)

Molly, you have the southern greeting down wave and say "Hi" to people....I love it!  When you say "bye", it is the ULTIMATE southern sounding Bye....and very aggressive and strong!

You are both making progress with staying near me/Daddy when we're at a park playing...I love that.

When I come home from school each afternoon, you both look taller!  You're little girls now, instead of babies.

I cannot believe you're almost two years old.  You've given me so much joy over the last 22 months....and my admiration and thankfulness just keeps growing.   For one thing, you sleep so well which helps Mommy and Daddy so're good natured and play together so well.  You're happy and fun and wonderful.

I have started crying in the mornings when I have to say bye to you.  You're so much fun and I just want to inhale you!  Spending time with you is the best thing I can think of.....thank you for being my precious girls.

Going down the hill at Grandaddy's....'cause that's where the goats are!

Watching for the goats....

Stopping to smell the flowers

Molly took me seriously when I said, "Smell the flowers!"

Saturday, March 10, 2012

21 Months

I fall more and more and more in love, every single day!

This picture makes me so happy!

Pretty Macy :)

Leaving to go to "Diva on a Dime" where Mommy
will be a photography vendor tomorrow!

Grandaddy was trying to help Mommy get a picture of the
two of you together.

They LOVE this car!  But, they're too big to both fit in there together anymore.

OH how I love love love these cheeks!!

They never sit at the same time if I have a camera in my hands.

Molly kissing Grandaddy!

Macy's next!

My Dad has an awesome smile!
So handsome!

Macy's turn!

Pigtails make Mommy VERY happy!

Love it!

The controversial harnesses....actually allow them to have more freedom than if we didn't use them.
But, sure enough, I heard someone behind us criticizing us for using them.
I wish it didn't bother me, but it does.
ANYway, y'all look really cute wearing your little monkey backpacks...and have so much fun walking around!

Window shopping :)


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