Monday, April 25, 2011

Your First Easter!

Oh what a fun holiday! 
Mommy has been looking forward to this day since you were in my tummy.  Colorful visions of Easter eggs, pretty dresses, bows in your hair, pictures, egg hunts, family picnic....lots of wonderful things to look forward to.

You were treated to many fun things by friends.....Mrs. Tanja gave you a big ol' basket of snacks and books.....and lots of other friends gave you stuffed bunnies, musical eggs, snacks, pajamas, balloons, fruit, and hair bows!

Here's my little Easter babies!  This picture was taken on Easter Sunday morning of 2011.
Molly, your dress has ducks on it, and Macy, your dress has bunnies on it....thanks to Mrs. Heather and Mrs. Tajia
for loaning us such pretty dresses!

Molly, you're holding your Easter bunny that Mrs. Tracy & LeAnna gave you!

Macy is lovin' on the same bunny :)

This is the Easter Basket that Mrs. Tanja gave you!  She knows what you love! It was fun watching you go through it!

This isn't an Easter picture, but, mercy it is fun.  Mrs. Tanja took this one day recently!!

Easter Sunday with Grandma Mary and Grandaddy

Macy being cute :)

Molly's first time pulling up on Grandaddy's coffee table.  This is a milestone in the grandchildren's lives.
Eating some goooood food, mainly dumplins and butterbeans at the Easter picnic.
You both loved the food.  Macy, you did the funniest little wiggle after some of your bites and that cute little, high pitched, "mmmmm-mmmmmm".  Your Daddy kept interrupting the veggies with banana pudding!

This makes me feel so good to look at how cozy y'all are....feeding yourselves!  Love it!

Look!  I found two eggs!  Right here on my blanket!

Talk about a HAPPY Easter.....Mommy got great news just a few minutes before this picture.  Mommy's PET/CT Scan was "normal" and so, she's pretty overjoyed in this picture!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Girls are 11 Months Old!

We have had a wonderful 10th month with you girls.  We took our first vacation together and had a wonderful time. 

Here are some of the new things going on in your lives:
  • Each of you have 1 1/2 teeth!  They are so cute and sweet!
  • You've started eating "meat"......and started feeding yourselves some....
  • You can hold your bottles now!  Yee haw!
  • Molly, you will be walking soon!  You're pulling up on everything....the first time you pulled up was either at Grandaddy's coffee table or here on your jungle toy....either happened fast and there has been no turning back!
  • Macy, you seem to want to scoot and pivot on your bottom instead of roll a lot!
  • Macy, you have started dancing....when you hear music, you twist back and forth...and tilt your head from side to side in the most adorable way.
  • We've started swinging outside under the tree that Grandaddy planted in our front yard.  You both love being outside and watching everything going on...and driving by...
  • "A ba ba ba ba ba" with the hand over the of you will start that and then the other will follow
  • Molly, you seem to be trying to wave.... a very floppy wave....and sometimes you crack us up because you do the "Heil Hitler" move with your arm.....I must say it is adorable
This month, your Mommy has learned that I had (HAD) breast cancer and had the tumor removed.  I have learned so very much in just a few weeks and have learned to treasure you EVEN MORE than I did already.  I have come to see many blessings in this experience and your Daddy and I have become even closer.  I've started blogging about it on a new blog:

I love you both dearly and am so happy to be your Mommy.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Our First Family Vacation!

Girls, we have just gotten back from our very first, super special, short, wonderful, dreamy family vacation!  For many years, Mommy dreamed of having a child to take places and enjoy in all new ways.  Daddy was bitten with that bug, too.  But we weren't sure if it would ever come to pass.  So, our little low budget trip to Myrtle Beach was like living a dream come true - with TWO babies! 

Last April (2010), Mommy and Daddy went to Myrtle Beach and stayed at Springmaid on the beach.  Mommy was HUGE and could barely get around.  This time, I had the pleasure of strolling you girls around their neat property, letting you taste all kinds of new foods for y'all at breakfast, and being on cloud 9 all the while.

Here are some pictures and comments so that we can remember all the special nuances of this first family vacation.
On the way to walk on the pier.  This is the building where our room was on the 2nd floor.
Mommy walked across this lawn a year ago carrying you in my tummy.....waddled may be the better word.
Your Daddy and I tried to imagine bringing you back here and enjoying watching you in spots like this!
This lady was one of the many, many kind folks who gave y'all such sweet attention.
It was amazing how kind people were and how many times we were asked, "Are they twins?"

First stop - Check out the bed.....ok, now what?

First experience on a balcony!  Glad you have that helmet, Molly!

We enjoyed walking on the Springmaid Pier with y'all!  It was perfect weather!
We laughed about a man who stopped us and asked if y'all were both girls.
You were both wearing your cute, pink polka dot sunhats.....

Self Timer Picture of our family! have to learn to count down from 10! 

Oh My, the FUN y'all had in this crib.  You played together so very well!
Macy, during this particular picture, you were GIDDY....laughing harder than I've ever heard you laugh.
I couldn't get enough.  What a fun time!

It is a little crazy that Daddy and I looked forward to Springmaid's breakfast buffet as much as we did!
The great thing was that y'all got to taste foods you haven't ever had before!
You were adorable trying to get the fruit and potatoes in your mouths.

My little Macy....what's more cute?  The hat? or the Cheeks?

Beautiful property at Brookgreen Gardens!  We loved every bit of it!

Our little family sitting under an arch at Brookgreen Gardens...the lighting in this spot was like a movie set....too bad we weren't looking glamorous!
This was a picture I've been wanting to take for a long time!
This is in Anne's Garden at Brookgreen Gardens, Murrells Inlet.
Hoppy Spring Everyone!

To be continued.....


Saturday, April 2, 2011

10 Months - Busy Busy Busy!

We are 1/2 way through our 10th has changed so much. Here are a few things going on new with the girls this month:
  • Molly got a tooth a few weeks ago
  • Macy got a tooth that we just discovered yesterday, on April Fools' Day! (She really did get one.)
  • The girls are smiling more at each other and make each other is one of my favorite treasures of having twins.
  • They have also started copying each putting their hand up to their mouth and making the "ah ah ah ah ah" will start and the other will copy. 
  • Drumrollllllll Please: the girls can hold their own bottles now!! It isn't failproof, but it is wonderful....and as I type, they are passing a bottle back and forth....Macy'll take a swig...and then Molly.....
  • Just yesterday, also on April Fools Day, Molly pulled up on the Jungle Toy allllll by herself! She stayed there for a long time and seemed to really like the feeling!
Life is crazy busy and Mommy is looking very forward to summer vacation since I feel like I'm not able to keep up with the pace that life has taken on lately.....but I wouldn't trade it for anything!

Sharon and Mrs. Sandy came to visit us today!  Guess what Sharon made for me!  MACARONI and CHEEEESE!
You know true friends when they show up on your answer it with your curlers in your hair....and they don't even flinch.   AND they're holding macaroni and cheese in their sweet hands.

We had a great great great time at Brother Ralph's 50th Surprise Birthday Party!  
Brother Ralph and his wife, Melissa, made a huge impact on my life that continues today.
I am honored to know them and so happy to get a sweet hug from him on his special occasion.

St. Patricks Day - March 17, 2011
Molly and Macy turned 10 months old.
Can you tell they're very happy about it?
There's the big girl!  Standing up on her own!
She conquered the Jungle!