Friday, January 13, 2012

19 Months

It gets more and more fun to be your Mommy!

This week, your Daddy went on a trip with some of his family, and so it was just the three of us for five days.  I've got to tell you, I was scared at the thought of it!  But, I have been so pleased and thankful that you girls are so good!  You sleep so well and you keep your routines so well, that we breezed through those five days.  (With some help, of course!)

Lots of developments have been going on!  Here's some highlights:

-Macy, you have a shoe fetish!  Ever day when I come home from work,  at some point you go to Krissy or Jessica's shoes, and (it takes work) you stand in them.  You look adorable in them and you love it so much!
-You celebrate EVERYTHING with clapping and a "yay"!  Mrs. Tanja taught you to do that and it is hilarious.  Recently, we were at Kroger and you were clapping in honor of the lady scanning our groceries.  She was too young to appreciate how cute that was.  :)
-You love music SO much!  Last night at Grandaddy's, he turned on the CD that has all your favorite songs, like "The Itsy Bitsy Spider" and "Patty Cake Patty Cake" smiled the biggest smiles you could....cocked your head to the side....and then the other a way so cute that it looks 'fake'......and you did your arms up and down.....swayed side to really enjoyed 'dancing'.

-Molly you counted to THREE night before last!  I was counting "one, two, three" over and over and then, one time, I said, "one........" and you said "two,   tree"  I was SHOCKED and thrilled and excited!  I called your Daddy who had a hard time believing it!  But, the next day, you remembered it!!!  WOW!!
-Your new word is "toe".  And you say it with a depth to your voice (mixed with sweetness and the fact that you drag it out) that makes me laugh.  I love it!
-I love that you will take my finger and put it on certain pictures in a book.  It makes me feel so connected to you're communicating with me on a different level.
-You continue to pretend to wash your hands in your new little kitchen sink.  Yesterday, you did it about five'd put your hands under the play faucet.....rub them together....walk away rubbing them together.....and then go back for more "water".

Both of you are learning new words all the time....and one of my absolute favorite things that you do is sit with a book, and point to pictures, look at me and say "uh uh uh uh" - meaning "what's the word for this"?  When I tell you the word, you relax and look satisfied.  I love that.  Watching your vocabulary develop and your handling of books evolved has been SUCH a treat.

Apparently, you both know a version of Morse Code, too!  In your footed pajamas, one of you will start 'messaging' the other by rubbing the texture on the feet of your pjs.   The other one will respond.   It is so funny!

Last night, we got all ready and were going to see Grandaddy.  You both get very excited when I tell you we're going "bye bye" and I have a hard time leaving one of you in the house while I take the other one to the car (because you stand at the door and cry pitifully).  So, last night, I took you both outside to get in the car.  (I do this a lot....but some attempts go smoother than others.)  Last night, anybody watching got free entertainment.  You both went running in opposite excited...having no idea the panic you gave me ... you don't understand about cars driving by..... even as I'm typing this...I'm getting scared!

Both of you have a HILARIOUS word for "pacifier".  I know I can't spell it....but, basically, it sounds like if you say "goun gounk" with your mouth closed.  It is so funny to me!!!  I think that word means both pacifier and blanket to y'all.

Here are some more pictures from the holidays......

Mrs. Tanja gave you precious aprons to use with your new kitchen.....
and you LOVE them!

"Helping Mommy set up for the Christmas Eve party"

It was so warm, you didn't need tights!
You and Molly had a great time running all around in your silver shoes
from Aunt Krissy!

Cousin Melanie.....we love her so!
That's Uncle K K in the background.

Molly, you and Cousin Michael are buddies!  Love that!


Running around in your Christmas Eve pajamas!

Macy, you are so great about keeping your bows in!

Christmas morning at Grandaddy's house

It was getting close to nap time

Cousin Jeremy got a space ship for Christmas!
It was fun to play in and to color!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Books, Books, Books!

You girls LOVE your books.  It makes me so happy!

It has been a wonderful evolution to watch as you have been looking at books over the past months.

You started by looking at them when we would hold them up to show you the pictures.

Then, you were able to hold the book yourself!

Then, you were able to turn the pages.

I wondered - many times - what were you thinking as you looked at the pictures.
For example, you never noticed if the book was upside down or not.
And since you don't know what those images of ... I wondered if you were just looking at it the elements and principles....line, color, shape, form.....
But, recently....over the last month or so, you've been realizing that there are names and ideas that go with those pictures.

The moment that I realized that was when you, Macy, pointed to a picture of a hat on the corner of a page of the book, "Mary had a Little Lamb".  You were saying the "ha" sound.  I didn't realize it at first...but when I did, oh boy.  I was amazed.  My little girls now could recognize images and NAME THEM.  "Hat!!!"  YES!!  That moment changed me.  I started craving more moments like that.   RAPID progress has been made and now you girls can point out all kinds of things...mostly  ducks (kack kack), frogs (bibit, bibit), chickens (kuck kuck), doggies (cook-ees), kitty cats (myow), cow (boooo), pig (really fast sound that I can't figure out how to spell), moon (mommy).

And just this weekend, Macy, you started turning your book 'right side up'.  Two times, I saw you settle into your seat and then turn your book so that the pictures were upright.

Now, the new thing that you're doing is pointing to things - whether it be in books or on the wall - you point to things....and look back and forth...making a sound like "uhhh uhhh"   until I tell you what the name of it is....then you satisfied to know the words.   I love the way you look at me and wait for me to tell you what you want to know.  What a treasure!!

I love how both of you will sit in my lap at the same time and just stay there while we look at books!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Your Second Christmas - 2012

This holiday season has been amazing in every way.  I have fallen deeper in love with you girls and am more fascinated by you both than ever!

Looking behind the sheet that covered their Christmas gift on Christmas morning.

There's a microwave!

Checking things out...

Molly discovered the cookies (doggies) in the stockings.

It was so fun to watch them pull the doggies out of their stockings
and then realize that they barked and wagged their tails, too.

Molly's doggy

"Ooooooo" was probably what Macy was saying.

The girls were sitting in their rocking chairs that their Granddaddy made them.


We took off their fleece pjs because this was a mighty warm Christmas morning!

Macy's holding her duck that was in her stocking.
The first animal sound they learned was "kack kack" from Mrs. Tanja!

Working together.  The frying pan sizzles and the pot makes boiling sounds!

Reading Christmas stories in their Christmas dresses that Mrs. Jakki made them!

All these years, I've heard my cousins and aunts and uncles talk about leaving the Christmas party and
having so much to do at home on Christmas Eve night.  This time I got to join in on the fun!
I loved every bit of it.

Visions of Sugarplums were dancing in mommy's head on Christmas Eve!

Your first big Christmas gift!

One of my favorite memories from the Christmas season is the
morning after I decorated ..... when you girls got up that day,
you noticed the decorations one by one.  Macy, you
did your classic "OOOOooooooo" - with such a
precious sound.  Y'all loved seeing the
"balls" hanging from different
places in the house.

Macy discovered her "cookie" ornament (doggy).

Watching the "Olivia" jack in the box.
At Granddaddy's house on Christmas morning.

I love those pigtails!!!

....and those cheeks!!

They love going outside!!

You're looking at a miracle, right here.

Cousin Jeremy (far left) got all the kids together for a photo op!

For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to have a little girl to work in the kitchen
with teach them about all kinds of things like hospitality and cooking and
all sorts of stuff.  Molly stood beside me while I washed dishes.  I was thrilled!
She poured water back and forth...back and forth.  She loved it.

That's my girl.

Lots of lovin!

My sister Ginger, Barbara, Daddy, Kevin and Me
Christmas Day 2011

Fun Times in December

I tried not to have a camera attached to my arm during most of this vacation, but I did take some pictures of some of our outings and fun times.

Playing with friends at a bouncy type place!

Two cutie pa-tooties

Molly's looking pretty stylish, eh?

Macy liked the look, too.

The last time we went to this place, you girls couldn't do much because it was 'too soon'.
This time, you were LOVING it!

Look at what big girls you are!

Molly has no fear!

We figured it out!  We're standing up in the bounce house!

Macy figured out which stocking was hers!

I love this grin!

Mrs. Tanja had talked to Santa and found out that a kitchen was on
its way!  So she got you monogrammed aprons!
So chic!

LOOK at what Grandaddy made for you!
He made each of you one of his handcrafted rocking chairs.
He has been making these for children that he loves for many years.
I am so glad that we are on the receiving end of his talent.
You'll be able to pass these on to your children one day!

Lots of fun was had on the night that Grandaddy brought these over.

On the Sunday before Christmas, we went to visit Beth and Wes and Bailee
in Hartsville.  We had a great time!

Mrs. Julie James made you these precious dresses!

Bailee and Macy

Seeing some of your toys that we passed on to Bailee

Molly, you were very comfortable with Skylar

Y'all still both fit on the 'boat' and loved it!

Macy, you were very interested in Skylar....but kept a safe distance!