Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Valentines Day 2012

Some SWEEEEET things have been happening around here.

I love watching the little things the you are doing and discovering.  For example, today, while I was fixing supper, you both were playing with the heart shaped magnets on the refrigerator.  (Your aunt Krissy had helped you make them for a Valentines gift!)  You both really enjoyed moving them around and feeling the magical pull of the magnet to the metal.  At one point, Macy, I saw you take one of the magnets to the cabinet door....and you put it up against the cabinet just like on the fridge.  But, it slipped right down and there was no magical pull.  I saw that 'register' in your brain, but only briefly because you went back to the fridge to keep on playing.

Another precious time was this weekend.  I had a cluster of grapes that I was feeding y'all in my hand.  I had turned away and when I turned back, Macy, you had clamped your mouth around a grape that was still attached  to the branch (?).  You hadn't pulled hard enough to separate it, so you were attached to the cluster that I was holding in my hand.  

Then, I looked over at you, Molly...and you had found the stem part of another cluster and you were trying to reattach a grape to it....like it would just slide back on.....

The innocence that these little moments show is beyond description to me.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Every Day - Something New!

I am amazed at how quickly things can change.  The girls are learning new words all the time....every day!

Just today - February 2, 2012 - Macy figured out how to put her shoe on her foot.  For a few weeks, she's been enjoying stepping into Krissy and Jessica's shoes.  But today, Charles said that she grabbed her own shoe and put it on the floor in front of her....turned it to point in the right direction....reached out to hold something to steady herself, and got her shoe on by herself!

When it was nap time today, the girls were so tired that they were 'slap happy'.  Molly was like a little monkey so excited in her crib.  When I went back to check on her she was sitting with her legs through the slats of the crib and looking a little happy/crazed.  She was soooo cute.

We've been enjoying our 'new to us' mini van!  Oh, it is wonderful!  We have room to breathe....and we feel so fancy!  We all were there together to buy it and I had some flashbacks to a time when I was little and with my parents while they were car shopping.  I remember getting to explore a van that was probably called a leisure van...it had blinds and swivel seats and it was so exciting.  We didn't get it, but I remember being excited.  My dad is such a good decision maker and so conservative with his money....so with this purchase, I was glad to finally understand why people buy used cars instead of new.  This van was under our budget....under our mileage limit we'd set....and exactly the color I wanted.....and....best of all, it has sliding power doors.  I have died and gone to heaven!  I feel like that lady on the commercial who is trying to get in the fancy car and says, "No, its ABSOLUTELY pronounced 'endive'....why isn't this working?"  Except, my fancy car is my van.  Ha!