Sunday, October 24, 2010

Our First Trip to the SC State Fair!

Charles talks about the fair ALL year.  Last year, sitting under the tent, watching the hypnotist (ha!) we had just found out we were expecting....didn't know we had twins yet....and I could NOT imagine bringing my new baby to the fair.   But, look at us now!
The girls did so great and the timing for feeding worked so well.  It is nice when that happens!  Not to mention, we had lots of help because..........Cara and Amy drove up from Mt. Pleasant and spent the afternoon with us at the fair!  It was so fun.  They're so easy to be around and fun, fun, fun! 

It is wonderful to see Macy and Molly getting to meet their long distance relatives.  I look forward to them meeting Amy's son, Wilson.  We tasted some great stuff.....Fiske fries, Raw Fries, Powdered Sugar Doughnuts, and more.  Yummmmmy! 

We walked through the art exhibits, the agricultural competition displays, the amazing sand sculpture....saw fern and flower competition entries.....watched the hypnotist for a while....and ended with a nice time watching some youth competing in some pretty interesting horse races. 

Charles took some great pictures while we were there. He's doing such a great job as a Daddy! I'm so thankful for him.

In other news..... :) there are some big developments going on with my baby girls!  They have mastered reaching out to get stuff.....I love to watch their little hands reach out to play with the dangly things on their bouncy seats!  It is precious that they have to concentrate to get them.  The next big development is going to be them learning how to put their pacifiers in their mouths.  They are SOOOOO close to being able to consistently do this.  Every now and then, I'll catch a moment where they're actually doing it and I am ecstatic!  Next to them holding their own bottles (which will also be sad for me), putting their pacifiers back in seems like a monumental change in our lives.  Dramatic?  :)  Maybe....

This weekend, Mommy had a big day!  Made possible by Grandaddy Brown and Aunt Krissy - the official Happy Clicker Babysitters of the weekend -  and of course, Charles who helped me set up my scenes.  I had my 'debut' photo session with my new business, The Happy Clicker.  It was TONS of fun and I'm really pleased with the way the pictures are turning out.  I had 6 appointments and each was fun and very different.  Check out the pictures on   I absolutely loved it.  I cannot wait to see what the future holds for The Happy Clicker.  These girls make me the happiest clicker in the whole wide world.   Hands down. 

Happy Clicker Babysitting Team :)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

I sure am a Happy Clicker!

Hi everybody!

Life is moving super fast around here!  Amazing!

Today, Macy and Molly are 5 Months Old!  I can't believe it!  They are doing so great and it continues to amaze me that I can get HAPPIER than I already am.  The fulfillment is tangible.

A few thoughts about each of the girls.....

Molly....first born...but only by a minute.  She has a precious way of smiling with her ENTIRE body.  She loves attention and is watching you....just waiting for eye contact so that she can give you the sweetest smile you've ever seen.  She's been sick this week for the first time in her life, but has kept her sweet, good natured way about her.  She has been rolling from her tummy to her back and it seems that she'll be the first of the two to roll from back to tummy.  But, we'll see.  She loves to try to sit up....all the time.  And when you're finished with her bottle, she sits up like she's gonna just walk away.  Hilarious.  She and Charles look so much alike it is so funny!  But Molly for sure has more hair!  During the past two or three weeks, her hair has really been thickening up.  I wish that I could adequately describe what her little smiles are like and how they involve her whole body.  Her giggles are to die for! a fiesty baby!  I love it and she will definitely keep life interesting.  Macy has a fun look that she gives you when she's ready to laugh and chuckle.  If you're watching for it, you can have so much fun with her!  Her smiles, too, are unique and amazing.   Macy's smiles are could fall in them...and they are addicting!  Add to that her chuckles, and you have something priceless.  She has recently started something so funny during her feedings with Charles.  When Charles feeds her, most of the time, she'll reach up and run her dainty little fingers through his beard.  It isn't a fluke because she does it so often.  You can imagine that Charles loves this!   She seems to want to have her hands on something...what ever is near.  Maybe she'll be a manager of something one day?

I love the differences in the two girls.  It is fun and fascinating.

We've been feeding them rice cereal from a bowl for a couple of weeks.  They love it!  They lap it up!  Smacking and breathing heavy because they want the next bite.  It is a fun way to end the night.

This past week, thanks to inspiration from my girls and encouragement from friends and family, I launched my new business via the web, The Happy Clicker.  I am excitedly looking forward to what will come.  It is something I have longed to do for as long as I remember.  If you have time, check out our new website!

Macy sleeping soundly....precious.

Molly smiling with her whole body!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Sick, Tired & Happy

Mercy, what a week!

Last Thursday, I started feeling sick.....and it got worse as the weekend began.  I truly didn't know how I was going to do it all with Charles having to work on Saturday.  I was so looking forward to him coming home from work.  Well....Saturday morning, his back went out...which is a big deal when it happens.  He can't do much until it passes.  So, we were quite a pathetic set of parents taking care of our two little energetic babies.

Late Monday night, Macy started running a fever.  That's our first baby illness ever!  We needed to take her to the doctor, and Charles couldn't do it with his back, I took her and thankfully heard that it was just viral. 

Next up - Molly.  Macy started to feel a bit better, and down goes Molly.  Stuffy noses are so sad on little babies trying to suck pacifiers and drink bottles.

We are thankful to Mrs. Tanja for being such an awesome caregiver to our Macy and Molly.  They got extra TLC this week from all of us.  Next Saturday, my little photography business, "The Happy Clicker" has its official first event.  We'll be doing "Pumpkin Patch Photo Sessions" and I can't wait!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

We're on a Roll

Today was my 2nd day back at work and Mrs. Vance's first 'official' day on the job.  I hurried home and was so glad to see the girls.  Mrs. Vance had everything under control and was finishing up 'feeding time' when I got there.  The woman is Superwoman.  She is always on the go and I don't know how she isn't exhausted all the time.  I could tell the girls had a good day.  They were happy, and I never had any doubts!

When I walked in, Macy was reading a book during Tummy Time.  Ha!
When we put Molly down on her belly, she rolled over!  She's an old pro now.   Not to be outdone, Macy rolled over too!

I took turns holding each one and when I had Macy in my lap, I looked down at her and simply asked, "What's she saying?"  Molly had been 'saying' lots of things....and when I said that to Macy, she chuckled.  I am ABSOLUTELY addicted to that chuckle!!  We did it over and over and over again, and I was laughing SO hard.  It was so much fun.  She has a great laugh.

The girls are both sleeping right now.....a few minutes of quiet before the next feeding time.  Ahhhhhh.....

Monday, October 4, 2010

Two BIG Days!

Yesterday, Sunday, October 3rd - Molly rolled over for the first time!  And she did it twice in a row!  Amazingly, Charles and I were both watching....JUST like when Macy rolled over!  I'm so glad we both had that opportunity!  Molly is on a 'roll', too, because she did it several times tonight as well!  Macy is holding out for a dramatic repeat performance, I suppose.

Yesterday, Charles and I made some investments in our Photography Business, "The Happy Clicker"....we bought a new camera and we set up a fall scene and took pictures to use to advertise our 1st Annual Happy Clicker Pumpkin Patch Photo Sessions.  The girls looked adorable in the pumpkin patch!  Charles was fantastic at supporting my venture and coming up with great ideas for the scene!  He's already thinking about Christmas pictures.  :)  Check out our blog:

Today was my first day back at school!  It was a big ol' honkin' deal...but went well!   In a way, it felt like tat old saying that it was 'just like riding a bike'...I felt like I had never been gone in many ways.   I talked to Macy and Molly yesterday, individually, and explained what was going to happen and where I would be going and why.  I know that's silly, but I really wanted to do it.  When I gave Molly her little talk, she giggled and laughed as my tears fell on her face.  It probably would have been funny to watch.  When I left this morning, I went to kiss them bye (like 3 times!) and both of them smiled in their sleep as I whispered to them.  Charles is off every Monday and so he was with them today.  He does a great job with them.  Mrs. Vance starts tomorrow, and she loves them.  That is wonderful to know.  Even though I'd give anything to stay home with them, this scenario is the best case scenario for needing to work when you have students were great, my friends and sister called/emailed to check on me, my husband is great, my team at school and my colleagues and principal are amazingly girls smiled at me.  All is well.  Thank you for reading our blog!