Friday, May 25, 2012

May 17, 2012 - Your 2nd Birthday

I was so excited to take the day off on your 'actual' was a great feeling to spend that special day with my girls.

The weather was crazy, stormy....very rainy....but, we had a mission!  We needed to get things for your birthday party....and this was Mommy's only chance to do we went!
I have to be careful when I say, "Let's go bye bye."
Because y'all are at the door and ready to GO!

Y'all did great in the store....we accomplished a lot, really quickly.
You really liked the store....lots to see!

So, we headed home because you were tired.  You got a really good nap.
Then, it was time to head out to the TOY STORE!
You've never been in a toy store fact, I rarely 
look at new toys in seems silly to pay full price for things
when there are the same things at consignment stores for 
half price.  But, I wanted very much to take you and see how you 
responded.  When we left our house, it had FINALLY stopped raining.
We passed Noah and his ark on our way to the interstate.

I can't believe you can walk to the car......
and on this day, Macy, you climbed in
for the first time!

This was Molly's look when she saw her Daddy coming  :)


Aunt Krissy and Jessica met us at the toy store......
you fell in love with a be-jeweled cash register.....
so, we got ONE of those.

Then, we continued our whirlwind tour by stopping by your 
Daddy's work.  You were so happy to see him....and he was
so proud of you.

And.....then, we ended your day with a visit to one of your
very favorite places!  GRANDADDY'S!
Y'all are so happy when you realize we're going there....
your little bodies start kicking and wiggling...
it is wonderful.

And we ended your day eating doughnut holes......instead of cake.....y'all don't get sweets hardly, this was a big deal!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

It took 2 years...

Macy was laying on their bedroom floor tonight, squealing/screaming for fun.   Molly was playing at their little kitchen and turned around, pointed her finger, and said, "Quiet" (more like kie -it).  She did it two times.  They both laughed after each time.  I laughed so hard.

This is a picture from earlier this week.  You little cuties
were watching as I walked up the walk to the front door.
Oh how I love seeing you at the end of my school day!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Your 2nd Birthday Party!

Oh my, we had the most fun today!!  I will add more details later, but for now, here's the fun part....the pictures.....I'm so thankful that your Aunt Krissy was willing to take these pictures today.

Monday, May 7, 2012


These days, if it gets too quiet, or if I hear you saying, "Ewwwww" at a distance....then something is probably going DIAPER REMOVAL!   Y'all are really in to taking your diapers off and running around in your 'birthday suits'...which cracks me up.  You have such pretty little sweet and perfect and you're so happy to be 'au naturale'.

"Bye Bye La Lou" = Molly said that tonight and I realized she was saying, "Bye Bye, Love You"....almost as though it is one word.  Oh, how I love it!

Dah Dah = twin speak for "let's trade"

I love these pictures from our recent trip to Gilbert....I have my first wedding to photograph this weekend....and so, Charles and the girls went with me to the site so that I could scout out the best places for pictures.  I'm very excited!