Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Molly just laughed and laughed......Macy wasn't so sure....

So much FUN!!  Such a big laugh!

Our friend, Jen, gave the girls this amazing play set....
the girls love the

Grandaddy lovin' on Macy

Uh oh!  You've learned how to climb on the hearth at Grandaddy's!  Scary for Mommy!

Molly, you're riding on the same "Duck Duck" that Mommy did when she was
a round, chubby toddler!

Look at my tall girls!

Grandaddy stopped by for a visit one afternoon.

Macy's mess, but Molly got caught in the cheerio crossfire!

You've both discovered your belly button in the last week.
Molly, you really like to feel for it and giggle when you poke your adorable giggle!
Macy, you like to come over and "examine" Molly whenever she's laying on the floor.

Krissy's "ride" was a ton of fun!

Beth, Wes and Bailee came for a visit!

Krissy and Beth fixed a feast!  Lucky us!

Your Grandmother came to visit this past Saturday.


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

15 Months Check Up

Today, you turned 15 months old and was your 15 month check up with Dr. DuBose.  He is such a nice doctor. 

Here's your stats:

21.5 pounds (55%-ile)
32 inches (91%-ile)
46.5 cm - head circumference (73%-ile)

22.9 pounds (74%-ile)
31.7 inches (86%-ile)
47 cm - head circumference (83%-ile)

Dr. DuBose said he gives you both an A+

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Visiting Charles' Family

I'm so glad we got to take a trip to the Upstate before the summer was over.  We spent the night and were able to visit with some friends and some family.  We all needed to get out of the house and we needed to see Charles' family, too!

The girls ran around and around when we got to the hotel.  They enjoyed the
doors more than anything.  It was so fun to watch them
have a new place to explore!

Molly plays a serious game of PEEK-A-BOO....
She slaps herself just a little too hard when you say,
"Peek a boo!"

Macy found a cute little girl in the mirror!
She went back again and again!
Molly loves to hide in corners and find the outer limits....
she LOVES LOVES LOVES to be chased!
She squeals with delight!

This girl is one big time BOOK LOVER. 
She was making a silly sound with her tongue
coming in and out, over and over.
We made it to the Ponderosa!
AKA, Forest's new home with his sweet bride, Vickie....
in Cowpens, SC.  It is a little slice/big slice of heaven there!

Vickie pulled out some toys for the girls!
They loved 'em!
The beginning of our exploration of the beautiful land they have.


Posing two 1 year olds doesn't work!  :)

Papa Mully and Macy

Molly enjoyed the wagon ride!
Macy decided if you don't keep the wagon moving, she was going to get out.

Country fun.....

The girls first time seeing and petting a horse.

Macy had no fear!
Fun times!

Wish we lived close to y'all!
Cutest couple in Cowpens!

Watch out!  Macy's on the John Deere!

That's the look Macy gets when she has something SERIOUS to say.
Her forehead sticks out and her arms go back a bit.

The girls did a great job riding on the trip.
We are blessed by that!

Molly's way of eating on the go.

We also wanted to visit with Charles' grandmother, Mom Mom.  She had just had surgery and was recovering in the hospital.  We were able to take the girls up to her room and got to visit with Mom Mom and Aunt Patty.  Mom Mom enjoyed watching the girls explore the hospital room....wandering around and looking out the big window.   We love you, Mom Mom.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Little Tidbits

Girls, you continue to give me things to write down because I don't want to forget them.

One of the fun things going on right now is how much you enjoy when I sing "The Itsy Bitsy Spider".  Both of your faces light up when I start singing the song...and you smile like it is the best thing you've ever heard.  At the end, Macy, you put your palms up, and twist them back and forth like you're trying to make your little "spider" climb.  It is precious. 

Molly, tonight, on the way home, you started making a face that looks like The Cat in the is so funny!  You seem to be experimenting with your face muscles....pretty cute.

Both of you love to be chased right now....but Molly, especially.  You both seem to speed up to as close to a "run" as your little legs will take you.  Speaking of that, whenever you hear the gates open, you watch to see if we're going to forget to shut them.  If we do - YOU'RE THERE...and you make a bee-line for our bathroom or the dining room.  You enjoy hearing your voice sound a little different and exploring new territory. 

I love that you both enjoy books so much.  It cracks me up to catch you reading a book UPSIDE DOWN and just enjoying it to the fullest.  You have no idea that we're watching you...that the pictures are upside down....and to see you laughing at the book on your own thrills me.  On that same note, sometimes I'll look up and see one of you with a basket on your head...or a foam letter sticking out of your mouth, and you going about business as usual.  You do the cutest things in ALL SERIOUSNESS which makes them EVEN cuter!

Macy, you have the most expressive way of speaking your little language.  When you get REALLY serious about something you're saying....your forehead and eyebrows seem to come alive and help to punctuate what you're saying.  The other night, Molly was sitting on my lap, and you walked up....said something to her...paused and delivered what must have been a punch line because Molly laughed, right on cue!

Molly, the other night as I was changing your diaper and putting on  your pjs, Macy came over and leaned over you to look at you reallllll closely.  She found your belly button....started gently pushing it, and you just giggled and giggled.  Y'all had the best time exploring your belly button and looking at each other. 

Several times lately, Macy, you have leaned close to Molly and kissed her, and Molly laughs. 

Today, there was a LOT of giggling as y'all took turns with the green bowl on your head....giggling...walking around bumping in to things....and taking the bowl from each other.

Thank you for making life so fun.  I can't wait to see what you do tomorrow!

Summer fun thanks to Mrs. Tanja!

Mrs. Tanja Vance ROCKS, y'all!
She loves Macy and Molly and takes care of them like they're her own.
This week, Mrs. Vance came to help me after my treatment and did so much
for all of us McCalls.  It thrilled my soul when I saw her outside letting the girls
play in the pool.  I have not had the energy all summer to do that with them...and it
has been so hot....excuse...excuse....and there she was, letting them have a blast.
I can't describe how it felt to look out my bedroom window and see them
splashing, laughing, playing and squealing.  So much fun!!
Thank you, are AWESOME!

Check out what Macy's doing....she LOVES to drink the water.

I wish this was a video, because Macy was telling us something serious.
Very, very expressive.....

Woooo hoooo!  (Check out what Macy's doing...)

That little smile on Molly's face sums up her personality!

We're having soooooooo much fun!!!

I love it when they look at each other and laugh with each other.

Just one more sip.....

I'm loving it!!!

I'm so thirsty!!

Summer Fun

Molly and Macy test out what it is like to sit in Mrs. Catoe's chair!
It would definitely take two people to do the job that Mrs. Dynamo does!!

Re-united and it feels so goooooood.
It was wonderful to see Cami after five years of losing touch!

LeAnna saved the day by helping me so much with the girls!

Cousin Amy, we LOVE the Team Macy and Team Molly onesies!!
Janice, we're going to miss your visits so much!
Thank you for all the sweetness you've brought in our lives!

Molly is reallllly enjoying the zebra!
This is a GREAT toy!

Charles has been trying to get the girls to say "ball" for a long time.
The closest they get is "Baa", but they definitely know the word.
Thank you Gillis family for the "baas"!

Oh, Julie James! 
Look at how much fun Molly is having!!

Linda holding my girls!
Linda gave me a job right out of college
and has been my friend and supporter since!
Thank you for the visit and the delicious meal, Linda!
Can you believe how big she looks standing in the yard?


Making a break for it!

Macy loves the pinwheel.

Fun times!