Sunday, May 29, 2011

Can't Stop Celebrating

Well, it is two weeks after your birthday and I guess it is time to take down the decorations from your party.  :)  I had so much fun celebrating with you.

Over the last few weeks, you have gotten even more fun! 

Macy, you mastered a very fast crawl a week or two before your birthday.  And you've started a fun little game where you come up to whichever of us is laying on the floor and you push up off of us to stand and balance for as long as you can.....and then when you're falling forward, you smile so big.  I love that you just came up with that and that you like the challenge.  You love to clap your hands.  You have a new smile that is started doing this on the night of your birthday and it is so fun to see!  You know how to pull up to a table.  And.........drumroll took two steps this week!!!!!!!!!!  You stepped from me to go toward Mrs. Tanja....and it took my breath away.  Good job, baby girl!

Molly, you crack me up when you and Macy are 'cruising' around the coffee table and you like to go round and round.....when you get to where Macy is, it doesn't stop just kinda 'plow' right over her.  Your little 'heil Hitler' wave that we call the "what's up" wave is truly a wave now.  When your Daddy comes in from work, you get excited and your little arm shoots straight up.  You especially like it when someone turns that wave into a 'high five'.  You have amazed me with your ability to do pull up type pulls on a cabinet that we have in the den.  You are one strong little girl.  Your bubbly giggles and bobble head ways make my heart just bulge.

This week, we went to Grandaddy's after Mommy got home from school.  We enjoyed hanging out under the shed with cousins.  It don't get better than that.

You played with Taycee (far left) and Emily (far right).  We enjoyed watching all of you. 

I love how Grandaddy gets in the floor with you girls and just plays and plays.
Macy, you'll never be able to trust hands any more than those strong ones right there.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

This is Molly on the evening of her first birthday. 
One of my students, Sydney, and her family gave the girls these precious onesies!

Macy was all smiles on her birthday night! 
Everytime I clicked the shutter on the camera, it was like she had been trained to smile that big ol' smile!
Grandaddy and GranMary came over and visited on your actual birthday night.
We played and played and played in the floor.
It was so much fun!

We had a mac-n-cheese party at school on your birthday. 
Mrs. Tanja brought you up to the school and I was so happy to be able to hug you and love on you on your birthday-day!
Macy is holding up "1" to show that today's her birthday!

Yay for Mrs. Vance who was willing to bring y'all up to the school!

Mommy can't get enough of the party hats!
After school, we went to Superwoman Julie James' house for some dee-licious snacks...and great company.
Faith was there and y'all had a fun time playing.

You were given generous gifts.

The packaging is so pretty!

Macy wearing a new hat given by Faith's g-ma, Ms. Cynthia.

Molly is multi-tasking - celery in her mouth and modelin her new hat from Ms. Cynthia.

I cannot believe your first birthday has come and gone.  This has been an amazing year packed with more than I could have ever hoped for.....I look forward to what is to come!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

1st Birthday Party!

I floated around all day.   I am so proud of you.  I love you more than words.  We were surrounded by love and happiness and that was wonderful!!

More to come!  Mommy's pooped!  :)

Saturday, May 14, 2011

My First Mother's Day

Oh my little darlins!  Y'all have no idea how excited I am to be a mommy and to be YOUR mommy.
I wish you could hear how you say "ma-ma", Macy.  It is the softest sounding word...and you move your mouth almost like you're trying to blow bubbles at the same time. 

Molly, on the day before Mother's Day, you crawled all over the house saying "mama" and I hadn't really heard you say it much before then.  I was thrilled that you and Macy were preparing for mommy's day.

On Mother's Day morning, your Daddy had gotten you to help him sit out gift bags and cards.  Mommy got up and saw the little group of gifts on the kitchen counter.  I must admit, I was excited.  So, we went in the den and opened up the gifts.  Your Daddy is a very good writer and, I read his card and opened his gift...he gave me two boxes of pretty thank you cards.  It is kind of nice that he sees me writing thank you cards often enough to choose that for a gift for me....that means we have lots of kindness shown to us!

Then, you each had a little bag and a card for me.....Macy, you gave me earrings and Molly gave me a matching bracelet!  They were silver and dark reddish brown.  I will treasure them!

Then, we got ready to go to the zoo.  Just like everybody else in Columbia!  There were lots of people there, but we had a gooood time.  On the way home, we got some things for your birthday party...including a POOL!  FUN!!

Thank you for giving me every reason in the world to be happy.  I love you dearly.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Family Pictures at 1 Year

Yesterday, your Aunt Krissy took pictures of our family downtown at the USC Horseshoe. 
We had a good time and I treasure these pictures for lots of reasons. 
I'm so thankful that Krissy was willing to do this for us!
Look at what big girls you are!