Monday, January 31, 2011

The Life of an 8 Month Old

Having a twin sister is so much fun! 
I love the way Macy sticks her legs straight out of high chairs, strollers, swings and bumbo seats.

Right after a bath one day--Macy is 8 months old.

It is a miracle that she still has her cheeks because I want to BITE THEM off!

Molly right after a bath - 8 months old
That is one proud Daddy right there.

Happy Macy!  This picture was taken by the WONDERFUL Mrs. Vance!!

Molly in her sports car at the doctor's office!
Macy really enjoyed steering and honking the horn!  If this had been for sale, we would have bought it on the spot!
Jolly Molly on the morning of her doctor's appointment in Charlotte.  Daddy picked out your socks....pretty cute!

You were both VERY interested in cucumbers!  They were cold and you enjoyed gumming them!
This is one of the first times you've both been sitting in high chairs in a restaurant.  You're pretty good now at stabilizing yourself and not flopping over too much.  I love this picture of my two girls.  I love you so much.  Please stop growing!!!


Tired babies at the end of the zoo trip....we all had a nice time!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Time is Flying!

Our girls turned 8 months old this week. I truly cannot believe it. We are having so much fun watching them develop. There are lots of laughs these days in our little home! We finally put a 2nd crib in their room and as I type this, it sounds like they have gone to sleep - both at the same time - in their separate cribs and it is a wonderful thing. I have so much to say, but am pretty, I'll keep this brief. My trip to just two places yesterday zapped me of my energy because it is pretty tough to go out and about right now by myself...because they are still in their carriers and even though I CAN carry both at the same time, it is getting VERY difficult. I almost had to not go in to Best Buy yesterday because I couldn't figure out how to get in the store, literally!

Anyway, enough about that. A few developments recently...both girls can handle their pacifiers and get them in their mouths! Amazing to watch. Molly....she can "swing" in the Johnny Jump Up...meaning she knows how to run forward in it and then lift her legs so that she swings back. It is so funny to watch. Macy has been smiling so big this week! She got on a roll laughing tonight when I sat besider her in the exersaucer and just made silly sounds...every single one of them cracked her up.

Many thanks to Sharon, Bruce and Delaney for loaning us their beautiful crib so that our girls could have another safe place to sleep. It is very special to have Delaney's crib to use for my babies.

The girls are wearing two of the outfits they got from friends and family for Christmas. 
Macy (L) Molly (R)
Molly's hair has grown so much and she's really making good use of the hair bows!
A little concerned.....a LOT cute!
My wonderful college roommate, Sharon, and her daughter, Delaney....Macy (L), Molly (R)
This was the day that we went to Florence to borrow Delaney's crib.
During the day, the girls were taking a nap together in the first crib.
Mrs. Tanja took this picture for us!
There's my grown up girls!  Molly (L), Macy (R)
First night with two cribs in their room....8 months old.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Big Snow of 2011

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

7 Months of Wonderful

In just a few days, my girls will be 8 months old.  Now that is enough growing.  Enough.  Eight months?  That is crazy.  CRAZY.

Lots of wonderful changes have happened over the last month.  December was busy and exciting.  Mommy's Happy Clicker Photography business was in fullllll swing.  Many people wanted pictures taken for their Christmas Cards......and Mommy grew a thicker skin for being out in the cold.  I had tons of fun and learned a lot. 

Molly, what have you been doing over your last month?  Well, early in your 7th month, you would lift one of your hands up while you were drinking your bottle and twist it and turn it and just study was one of the most precious things I've ever seen.  But now that you're "older", you've stopped doing that.  Another thing you did a lot was ROLLLLLL.  You have become a master "roller" soon as we lay you on the floor, you roll....and you've become a really good pivot-er.  You see something you want, and you go after it.  I love that about you!  Recently, you scared me and shocked me and made me laugh all at the same time.  I had put you in the swing for your nap, and after a little while, looked up to check on you and I saw you SITTING FORWARD....straight as a board....smiling like you were up to something....and GRABBING the bars!  What in the world??  To me, that looked freakish....I didn't know you could do that!  I had flashbacks of you being tiny in that swing and now, here you are....Evil Kenieval (sp).  You went Christmas shopping with me...I did all our Christmas shopping pretty much in one night at WalMart and you were my little Elf Helper.  Crazy me didn't take your carseat in and I needed you to sit in the basket of the buggy....thinking you may be ready....but you wobbled too much.  Not quite, as you got tired, I went to the homegoods department and got a bathroom rug...lined the basket with it, and layed you down.  You took a nap in your perfectly sized, cozy compartment and woke up all smiles.  Your smiles continue....your personality is so goofy, fun, and kind.  I'm so proud of you already.  You recently withstood an ear infection and bronchiolitis like a happy champ.  Jolly Molly....please don't grow up!

Macy, what have you been up to during your 7th month?  Well, you have perfected a dimple clad, lightning flash grin.  I say "flash" because your smile comes on FAST and is often fleeting....but MAN OH MAN, when you they say, it lights up the whole room.  Who ever you smile at feels like the best thing on the planet...because it is such a warm smile.  Macy, you decided over this last month that rolling is not for you.  You're totally fact, you rolled first....but, now, you're content to just relax.  But recently, your Daddy discovered that you can sit by yourself!  If we help you get to a sitting position, you can hold it for a little bit.  We have been amazed by should see our faces when we are watching you.  It is like we're watching the splitting of an atom or something!  You have also started "talking" a great deal.  Da da da da da is what you say most of the time.  You use a lot of consonants and vowels.  Screeching is another part of your language these days.  I think you taught Molly how to do this...because many days y'all have a screech fest a pa looooza!  Mercy.   You've warmed up to bath time which is smile now and we can tell you like feeling clean and lotiony.  You also have started to try to reach for me or Daddy when we come close to you in your activity center.  You can't get your arms up very high yet, but you are definitely trying to reach out to us.  That makes Mommy feel amazingly wanted and needed.  Your favorite baby food currently seems to be squash.  Recently, Grandaddy was here and he held you while I was feeding you the squash/cereal mixture and he laughed at how you were excitedly opening your mouth and leaning towards the spoon for more, more, more.  You are very interested in the little tags that are on your toys and blankets.  Your tiny little fingers are pretty precise and you tenderly play with the tags when you spot them.  You're at the perfect weight to snuggle and feels so amazing.  Macy, you're growing too fast, and Mommy's love is growing, too!

This picture was taken on New Years Eve.....Mommy dressed you up and you were playing on the floor waiting for Daddy to get home so that we could go out on the town.....I walked by at one point and saw this funny little event.  Molly stuck her thumb in your mouth, Macy, and you were just fine with that.
Both of you have started to pay more attention to each other and it is absolutely one of the rewards of raising twins.  A while back, I noticed Molly looking at Macy for the first time and really "seeing" her with a new awareness.  Now, at 7 months, it is a regular occurence for both of you.  When you're playing near each other, an indescribeable look comes across your faces.  One of you will look at the other first...then smile a knowing and adoring smile that seems to say, "Hey, you're my special buddy, I'm so very glad to see you."  The other always seems to smile back.  It is a BEAUTIFUL sight.

Swaddling!  It is the end of an era.  Last week, Mrs. Tanja told me that Macy rolled over in the crib while she was still swaddled and it scared the beegeeees out of me.  So, we stopped swaddling immediately...cold turkey.  It has gone pretty well....surprisingly.  You're both sleeping free as a bird now....the way Grandaddy always has wanted it.  :)

Our Bumbo Days on the kitchen counter have now ended. But, I love this picture so much. 
Mrs. Tanja took this picture in early January 2010.  When you first came home from the hospital, you both could lay in the crib "shortways" with tons of room to spare.  But now, it is time to separate you.  This Sunday, we're going to pick up a crib to borrow from Mommy's college roommate, Sharon. 
A rare breakfast with just Molly, Mommy and Daddy.....Macy slept a long time this morning!
(Read their shirts)
December 17, 2010
My sweet Macy, almost 8 months

Tired Macy

My curious Molly

Molly knows how to pose already!

These girls bring such amazing joy to our lives.
We're a happy bunch over here at the McCall Home.
We hope you are having a good start to your New Year.
Thank you for stopping by!
Leave a comment,
if you have time!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Girls' First Christmas - In Pictures

This picture was taken on Christmas Eve at the Brown Family Christmas Party.  The party takes place at Grandaddy's church which is Spears Creek Baptist Church in Elgin/NE Columbia.  Mommy has always wished to have a baby to take to this party.  What a tremendous blessing to have two angels from heaven to take and share with my family that means so much to me.
You were very good girls that night...and I was so proud to have you with me.

Look at the two of you looking at each other.  In mid-December 2010, you started REALLY noticing each other a lot more.  Before this, it really only happened sporadically.  Now, you look at each other with great curiousity, but even better, you look at each other like you are seeing the best thing you've ever laid eyes on.  We were all dressed up this night to go to the Christmas party at Daddy's work.  It turned out to be a very nice evening and you both did very well around lots of new people.

This picture was taken on Christmas morning, 2010.  Your very first Christmas morning.  You were both very interested in what the other one had!  Ha!  You liked eating the packages and paper more than trying to rip it off.  These bags were from Santa!  He gave them to you at the Christmas Eve Party and we saved them to open on Christmas morning.  It was so much fun to watch you play around with your gifts.  How wonderful that you are too young to care how much money was spent or even if any money was spent.  You're just curious and that is a wonderful thing.

Here's another example of how you just love interacting with one another.  It looks like Molly (R) is reaching out to Macy in front of the Christmas Tree.

Christmas morning is hilarious!!  Daddy was hardly tickling you, Molly, but you were laughing hard!  What a fun time!

This was our Christmas card.  I was so happy to put your first and middle names on it.  We're thankful to have family names incorporated into your names.  Mommy took this picture of you all one night and Daddy was using a blanket to do his little trick that makes y'all laugh and laugh and laugh.  Look at the joy on your faces.  What an amazing gift to your Mommy and Daddy.

This was Christmas Eve day....Mommy was cooking in the kitchen....making one of her favorites:  ham delights!  In fact, I took a picture of you both in front of the bowl of ham....and titled it "Ham & Two Delights".  I absolutely love to see you sitting on the counter while I do things in the kitchen.  Every move I make catches your attention and you're studying and watching and learning things I can't even imagine.  I will miss this time when you're mobile and you can't sit in your Bumbo seats safely like this anymore.  But, I treasure this memory.  Look at your cute little Christmas/Santa hats.  So precious!

You both have candy canes just for the sake of the picture....Molly (L) you got into yours...and I think you got a lick or two in before I took it from you.  I love this picture very much. 

Mr and Mrs. Lee stopped by in the afternoon of Christmas Eve.  They love you very much and brought you teeny tiny little baby dolls and precious outfits that are just the right size for you.  Molly, I love this picture of your hand on Mrs. Lee's cheek.  Little did we know that you were getting sick this day and would end up with an ear infection and bronchiolitis.  You were so jolly, Molly!

Macy, you were dressed and ready for the Christmas Eve party....Mr. Lee loved on you that afternoon and it looks like you were pretty happy about it!

This is Mommy's cousin, and friend, Michael Brown....holding Molly at the Brown's Christmas Eve party.  He loves y'all!

Molly with Santa, wearing the precious bow that Mrs. Janice Mahoney gave you for Christmas.
She stopped by a few days before Christmas and also brought you and Macy angel ornaments to help you begin your own collection!

Macy with Santa - sound asleep!
This picture cracks me up!

Your Grandaddy Brown loves you so much and is so proud of you. 

Grandaddy Brown and Molly opening a Christmas gift on Christmas morning.

Christmas morning can sweep you off your feet!

This is an example of how you became more interested in each other around December.  You sometimes will look at each other and laugh....the look of adoration and fascination in your eyes is wonderful.

Christmas presents are delicious!

Macy, this is your cousin, Wesley!

Grandaddy Brown just LOVES pictures of himself.  See?

Yummo!  A feast for Christmas lunch.  Ham, mac-n-cheese, dressing, cranberry sauce, fruit, deviled eggs, ham, ham, ham, potato salad...and more!

See the card on the Christmas tree?  That is one of the two cards that your Great Grandmother who we call Mom Mom sent you!  Each of you got your own Christmas card that was the perfect size for you to hold (and eat).  She sent you a generous gift and a sweet card that we will treasure.

Brown Family Christmas Eve Party 2010

Speaking of Mom Mom's were blessed by many people who didn't "over do" it, but gave you such kind, thoughtful and useful gifts.  You were given clothes, toys, ornaments and money to help with things you need.  We put your money together and took you to Target to get some things you could use.  We got you blankets, spoons, an activity "Exersaucer" center (! YAY !) and some other things that are perfect for this time in your lives.  Thank you to our sweet friends and family for such thoughtful gifts.

Eating lunch at Grandaddy Brown's on Christmas Day.  Molly, that's you in the high ate a lot that day for lunch.  Macy, that's you in the jumper hanging from the doorway.  You're dressed in short sleeves and summery material because it was pretty hot in Grandaddy's house....Beth and Wes gave you those outfits that morning, so we changed you into them.

After lunch and visiting, we loaded you up in Mommy's Honda, and headed for Spartanburg to visit at Mom Mom's house.  You both did AWESOME on this two hour ride.  You slept all the way up there.  Thank you.  That makes traveling so much nicer!  Every now and then, when you opened your eyes, you'd make eye contact with me and smile.  Precious.

We love going to Mom Moms to visit.  It is so peaceful and relaxing there!  She is a gracious hostess.  Macy, that's you in your Daddy's lap....and Molly, Uncle John is holding you.  We sat around on Christmas night in Mom Mom's living room and listened to fun stories that the 'menfolk' told.  They are great conversationalists.  Girls, you took turns jumping in the Johnny Jump Up....and we dressed you in the Christmas pj's that Mrs. Ginger Catoe gave you before leaving for the hotel that night...right down the street.  It was snowing outside! 

Awwww, Molly and Uncle John had a nice time that night!

Lots of firsts happening for you!  This is your first time staying in a hotel.....your first Christmas....and your first Christmas was a WHITE Christmas!  Beautiful, fluffy snow came down on Christmas night...and continued into the next day.  Girls, you layed on the bed and looked at each other and laughed and laughed....Molly, you'd roll towards Macy and take things from her....and Macy watched you in fascination.  I love this picture of you both!

Your Daddy went outside on Christmas night and took some beautiful pictures of the snow that was falling in Spartanburg.  We were staying at a Hampton Inn near Mom Mom's house....and the snow was absolutely beautiful...and very peaceful. 

The next day, your Daddy sat with each of you in front of the hotel window....we were on the ground floor....and you were able to watch the snow falling and see the beautiful white blanket of snow on the ground.  I think we all could have just watched it for hours.  We said over and over again that we couldn't believe your very first Christmas was a white one.  That just doesn't happen very often around here!

The next day, we met Forest, Vickie, Stephen, Elizabeth, Aunt Mary Lynn, and Ashley to eat lunch.  We sat in the private dining room so it was nice and quiet.  Can you tell how proud they are of the two of you?  Forest is holding Molly and Vickie is holding Macy.  We had a great time visiting that day as snow continued to fall outside.

This is Mommy feeding you both at the Christmas Eve party.  Molly, you sure look interested in what Macy's eating! 

Papa Mully.....he loves you girls.  Molly, the shirt you're wearing was passed on to you from Caitlin.....who is another grandchild of Forest's....Carlee's daughter.  It almost didn't fit you, but it was too cute not to have one of you wear it.  Delicious, too, apparently!

You girls got to meet Aunt Mary Lynn on this day.  She is a sweet, kind soul, who loves us all very much.
Molly, you really enjoyed playing with the fun stuff on her Christmas vest.  :)

Pretty, pretty Elizabeth holding Molly.  Elizabeth is your Daddy's cousin and has such a sweet spirit.  She fed you cereal and veggies that day, Molly!  It was great to see her that day.

You'd never know that the baby in this picture is developing an ear infection and bronchiolitis at the time.  Molly, you enjoyed your Papa Mully and Vickie very much.  It looks like you were practing putting your pacifier back in your mouth.  You've gotten very good at that is now early January and you like the challenge of getting the pacifier in your mouth correctly.

Macy, Papa Mully held you up to see the snow outside the restaurant windows....he loves you.

Here you are, the end of your trip to Spartanburg.  We stopped back by Mom Mom's to drop off something and I realized we didn't have a picture of you near the snow.  So, you can see Mom Mom's home in the background, up the hill.  That hill has seen many football games on holidays.

To our friends who keep up with us through this blog, thank you.  I'd love for you to leave a comment ... I'm going to have the blog printed at the end of the girls' first year...and would love to have your comment to keep. 

Thanks to everyone who gave the gifts of love and thoughtful other gifts to our girls.
Charles and I are having the time of our lives. 
It means a lot that there are folks out there cheering us on and encouraging us throughout the year.
Happy New Year