Saturday, June 30, 2012

2 Year Old - Doctor Visit

Recently, we went to see Dr. DuBose for your 2 year appointment....he is such a nice man.  We were dreading the shot part of things....but thankfully, that was quick and over speedily.

Here's your "vitals" -

Height - 35 inches   (up from 33.5 inches @ 18 months)
Weight - 26.7 pounds   (up from 23.3 pounds)
BMI - 15.3  (this is the first time they've charted that measurement)

Height - 35 inches (up from 34.5 inches @ 18 months)
Weight - 25.9 pounds   (up from 22.2 pounds)
BMI - 14.9  (this is the first time they've charted that measurement)

...and they've stopped measuring your head're growing up!

Mommy, "The Interpreter"

Lately, your Daddy has said several times that he is glad that I know what y'all are saying because lots of times, he doesn't.  I told him that it thrills me to be the one who knows what your sounds and attempts at words and phrases mean.  The look on your faces when I repeat back to you what you're trying to say is such a reward.  You either smile and nod, or you say it again with a "yes, that's what I meant" tone to your voice.

Elmo's Birthday Party [Book]You have a book about Elmo's Birthday Party that has provided lots of fun for you and for me......for one thing, Macy, you've started saying, "Happy to you", meaning "Happy Birthday to You" started saying that after we went to our little friend, Faith's, birthday party.  If I start singing the song, y'all will string sounds together, kind of singing with me, and that is a wonderful feeling.  Macy, you will say, "Happy TO you, Happy to YOU..." with the emphasis in different places and in such a light, sweet sound....I can't get enough!  There's a page in the book where Elmo gets a box with a sheep in it as a gift....the sheep is happy...has big eyes....and everybody around is happy.  But for some mysterious reason, I can't figure out why you both say, "Kye, Kye" (cry, cry) when you see the picture of the lamb...without fail.  And every time, I say, "No, the sheep is happy."  Molly, you will desperately search for this book in our big ol' pile of books...and then bring it to me and say, "Happy".

So, in honor of the 108 degree heat, and your fascination with "Happy Birthday", I bought y'all some fun looking ice cream last night.  It was cotton candy flavor with sprinkles on top (this is a big, big treat - y'all rarely get stuff like this). Macy, when you saw it, you said, "Happy Cake".....which I think meant 'birthday cake'.  And, for probably several reasons, you both kept saying, "happy" as you were eating it.

So far, our summer has been filled with lazy days, visits to friends and family....watching episodes of "Yo Gabba Gabba", Mommy rotating toys in and out trying to keep things fresh, playing at the water table in the back yard, going to the Children's Garden Park, and now recently, staying inside - with the blinds closed trying to keep our house cool in the record breaking temperatures.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Good Golly Ms. Molly!

The other day, I noticed, for the first time, Molly was pretending!  Macy did something recently, too, that Charles said was like pretending...and this time it was me who caught a glimpse of that.....Molly was trying to feed a little plastic she was 'feeding him', she was saying, "Nummy nummy."  Love that moment!

Today, she stopped me in my tracks.  I was stunned.  Almost like I was watching her solve an algebraic equation in her little two year old body.  Here's what happened - Macy, alllll day long, had been challenging me, and thinking it was HILARIOUS.  So, when I sat down on the floor to change their diapers, she went running.    I used my stern voice and called her several times....she went behind the recliner, giggling.  Molly walked over to behind her....and started pushing her towards me....very 'directionally' and several times said, "Mommy" as if to say, "Go to Mommy".  I was stunned.  Molly "guided" her all the way to me.  (Macy thought that was funny, too.)  I sat there in disbelief and elation and sadness.....elation that my Molly was smart enough to think to do that, and sadness that Molly was so tired of hearing me fuss at Macy, that she decided to take matters in to her own hands.

These girls are such a huge blessing in my life.  I love them beyond description.

We are having a very simple summer....and it is wonderful.  I'm just enjoying my lazy days....saving all my "gotta get done" projects for July.  The girls are loving the water table that their Aunt Ginger gave them last summer.  Mommy actually has energy to do things....and to give baths....and it is wonderful!  Last night,  the girls played while Charles grilled our supper.  I felt like we were on Leave it to Beaver.  It was so idyllic.

Molly - playing with magnets

....realizing that they stick together!

Macy - playing with magnets

I love this picture!
Coloring is kind of new for us....

I love the way she's holding the crayon!

They kept switching seats....back and forth....with no real discussion...
they would just stand and without much ado, they'd
switch seats, over and over, happily.

Looking at Mrs. Julie James!

A perfect summer night....playing while Daddy grills!

If you look closely, you can see that Molly has her fingers in the "shhhhhhh" position.
If I had taken this picture straight on, you'd be able to see that she holds her finger
a little off to the side and it is so cute.  Macy's started doing it, too.  :)

I love that Molly's peeking from behind!  So sweet!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

This Summer - Mommy has energy!

I am enjoying my summer with the girls more than I can say!

It is such a great feeling to not have to hesitate to give the girls a bath when we've been outside playing hard.....or to not be upset when I look in the rear view mirror and see that Charles isn't following behind to help get the girls out of the car when we get home.

THIS summer....we are livin' it up!   I'm not going to worry about cleaning out closets...organizing....etc., until July. for us.  To live a life of leisure...which for us just means taking our time, getting dirty without worrying, and going to parks and visiting friends.

A few sweet things that are happening:

  • Molly does the cutest little "shhhhh" with one finger kind of cock-eyed in front of her pushed out fish lips.  I love it so much!
  • Macy is copying words like crazy....and not just copying, but remembering.  Even words like "alligator".  And the way she says "gorilla" is to die for!  
  • They have both been enjoying coloring in the bath tub..."kuh - la,  kuh - la"
  • They share pretty well 
  • They will ask for an extra cracker (or whatever) and say, "Macy"  or "Moddy", meaning that they want to take it to them.
  • Sadly, Macy has learned how to open the gate that has kept order  in our world for so long.  TODAY.  Oh my.  I'm so sad. 

Molly got a shoe on her right foot ALL BY HERSELF.
She was so proud.
See the smile in the next picture?

She didn't quite get the other one on, but, as I was
encouraging her, she was so happy...smiling in such a sweet, proud way.

Macy jumped in hoping to follow suit.
We still have some practicing to do.   ;)

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Tonight - Macy was sitting on my lap...I sneezed, she turned and looked at me...big cheeks...dimple clad...smiled and said, "Bless You".   OH MY WORD.   OH MY WORD!!!!  It was the sweetest thing....or at least right up there with her recently repeating to me, "I lub you."  When she saw my reaction, she kept saying it, and I of course, was addicted!

Molly - at least at this point in time, marches to the beat of her own drummer.  Yesterday, I was putting away laundry, and heard the girls laughing so hard and for a sustained amount of time.  I ran to see what fun was happening and found that Molly was in the tunnel and Macy was on the outside....they were having a good time playing...doing the "E.T." thing with their fingers....Molly seems to really like to lay in the tunnel....just looking....And the other night, when we were at the park, Molly totally loved getting in the sprinklers...giggling each time it came her way.....Macy wasn't so sure about that.  They're so different and so wonderful and get along so well.

Two Year Olds are So Much Fun!

  • sweet little pose + "peas" 
  • Maisy = Macy
  • laugh laugh laugh
  • "no no, uh uh"
  • pace - E = paci
  • "da da" = let's trade

  • very verbal...repeat almost anything
  • Moddy = Molly
  • blink it = blanket
  • hit...look...."nice"
  • now, really does something nice....and says, "nice"

I am so in love with you totally amazed as I watch you
interact with each you learn new things...
as you say new things....
and've started putting words together!

This is going to be a WONDER-ful SUMMER!!