Thursday, September 30, 2010

Heads Up! It's Tummy Time!

Oooooh!  The girls are making major progress with Tummy Time....and I'm so glad.  It has not been easy to watch them struggle so when they're placed on their bellies....but it is important for strengthening their arms and neck.  Recently, I posted that Macy rolled over.  She's done that twice now, but it has been a maybe today, she will again.  Molly came SO close the other day!  I let her struggle for a while and she was ALLLMOST there, but I gave in and gave her the final nudge she needed.  Now, this picture is obviously not tummy time, but I love it!
Exhausted from doing tummy time!

It is so exciting to see the girls make progress towards the next stage.  Holding their heads up and looking around must be such a relief after struggling on their bellies!

The girls are also making progress with their hand-eye coordination which is an amazing thing to watch.  For weeks, they've been looking at their hands.  Now, they'll look at an object and you can just tell that they're thinking they'd like to figure out how to touch the object.  When they do get something in their hands, they bring it right to their mouths!  Amazing to me!
See that look on Molly's face?   I love watching them "think" and try things.

Macy's going for it!  Note-Objects in this picture appear chunkier than real life!

Yep, my girl can read.  :)  Thank you, Heather Costello, for this great book!

One of my ALLLLL TIME FAVORITE, FAVORITE, FAVORITE things is when the girls are looking at me while drinking their bottle and a huge smile comes over their face.  I love it more than words can describe.  This isn't the best snapshot of that, but, I wanted to record the memory.  It sends warm, fuzzy, heart bustin' open vibes all through me!

Tanja captured this GREAT SHOT while she was keeping the girls recently.  It will go down in history as one of the most fun pictures of them!  Thanks, Tanja!

Sometimes, things just don't work out.   

5th Grade Daycare's Retirement Party

Andrea, Jakki, Julie, and the back of sweet Kathryn's head....we miss you Kathryn!!  Outside of the frame/shot, G-ma (Cynthia)
My maternity leave is quickly coming to an end and it was time to celebrate one of the people who has made things much easier on me during this time.  My long term sub, Julie James, is a precious person.  Yesterday, my team of 5th grade teachers came over after school and we celebrated Julie's "retirement" from her lonnnnng term subbing in my classroom.  She's such a giving and fun person.  I appreciate her so much!  We call it daycare because my friend, Cynthia, (another amazing woman) brings her granddaughter, Faith, and we have 5 adults and 3 babies, so.....the term "5th Grade Daycare" was coined -  by Jakki?  :)
Faith, Macy and Molly with the cool mobile that Aunt Ginger sent recently!  Love it!
Jakki and Julie have fed my babies many, many times!   
So, I will be in great hands when I return to school....a team that supports each other....a principal who is amazing - hands down.......a sub who handled things beautifully....a wonderful lady caring for my girls.....a husband who is willing to let me sleep and do all that is needed......a really comforting set of circumstances. 

Thanks for coming over ladies!  This was a nice way to end my time at home....lots of  Ahhhhhh.........

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

70 mph Pacifier Replacement, Tiny Crib, Giant Tree

This weekend, Charles and I took Macy and Molly to his brother, Paul's house, for Keefer's 14th Birthday Party (which we were totally late for)!

Keefer, if you're reading this, HAPPY 14th - and thanks for being a sweet spirited young man!  (The girls were crying where they were sleeping in a back room at Keefer's house, and when I went to check on them, I found Keefer bent over them in the dark, trying to help them.  Sweet.)  My camera battery had died, so I don't have all the pictures I wish I did from this here's an OLD picture of Keefer!  It was WAY back when he was 13.

We had a wonderful time.  Paul and Lexie are wonderful hosts!  It was quite an adventure just getting there because of feeding time and screaming times (I'm exaggerating).  (Let's just say, there was a lot of pacifier replacement going on at 70 mph down the interstate.)  Lexie did all she could to let us know that she appreciated the effort we put into getting there, and to a new mom, that means the world!  Paul was a very proud and sweet Uncle holding his nieces.

It was a great trip....we got to see lots of family.  Mom Mom and Aunt Patty were there.  I always love seeing them because they put me at ease.  Wish we coulda seen Forest and everybody else!  Turkey time's coming, though, and we hope to see those that we missed on this trip then.  Charles' Dad and Mrs. Mary were there with some of their family and they met the girls for the first time.  When we walked in, it was like a miniature paparazzi session.  The girls handled it like champs!  It was their sleeping time, but they smiled and stayed up past their bedtime.  It was a nice time!

This weekend, we also had a fun lunch at Daddy's house.  Lots going on!  One of the highlights for me was that Daddy had set up a crib to make nap times a little easier.  So, we tried it out and IT WORKED!  The girls actually took a nap.  Yay!
He got this crib, along with 2 highchairs to have at his house, from the Gold's Gym that he and Uncle Billy, Marlin, Brent and others just finished working hard demolishing on Two Notch Road.  Have you seen that site near Baskin Robbins and Jimmy's Mart?  It makes me so proud to know that my family did that hard, hard work! (That's Daddy, driving that big ol' machine.)
While the girls were snoozing, we went out back to see this amazing tree that Daddy's working on!  You know, in his spare time.

Check out this picture that Mrs. Vance snapped while she was keeping the girls the other day!  I'm so thankful that she is willing to take pictures!!!  Woo hoo!

Well, it is almost feeding time again!  Gotta go!  Thanks for stopping by! 

PS...If you're reading this, please pray for my friend, Angie's mom.  Angie is a big time family girl like myself and reads our blog faithfully.  Her family needs our prayers.

Monday, September 27, 2010

I'm finally doing it.....

After many years of wanting to doing more with photography, I finally am going to do something about it!  I've been working for days to get my websites ready to share.  Thanks to all of you who have supported me with encouraging words......  We'll see what happens! 

Check out the "Happy Clicker Photography" Blog
And I made a facebook business page:!/pages/Elgin-SC/The-Happy-Clicker/130455883671087?ref=ts

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Four Incredible Months

It is amazing how things can change in four short months.  The girls have changed our lives in countless wonderful ways....and now, with the smiles and chuckles, it just deepens the joy and wonder that we're feeling.  I remember feeling like I truly didn't want the girls to grow out of the teeny tiny baby stage.  But, had I known how amazing it would be to experience your baby looking at you and smiling and laughing, I would have been begging for a Fast Forward button (not too fast, though).
Last night, we went to the pond for the first time with the girls.  It is such a packing adventure when you go somewhere like that!  Charles is great at the loading of stuff...never complains...and makes it happen.  I pack it up, sit it by the door and he takes it from there.  The big thing that needed loading was our double stroller, which I love, but it is so big that I feel like it needs to be insured like our other vehicles!  I pushed the girls around in the stroller while Charles fished.  He had done baby duty a lot for me the previous 48 hours and I told him, "Tonight, you can fish like a single man."....meaning, I'll take care of the babies.
It was great to be outside (except for the buggies) and for the girls to have a much different view than our four walls.  It was nap time when we got there, so, Molly went to sleep in the stroller, but Macy was ready to stay up for a while.  That was great with me because it is rare that I get some one on one play time with them.  So, I took Macy in my lap...layed her on my propped knees and we (I) sang songs.  She really liked that and then I started doing "This Little Piggy".  OH MERCY, she started chuckling and laughing and I couldn't get enough of it.  I wish I could post the video that Charles took with his phone.  It was a sustained wonderful 20 minutes or so of her being so very happy and laughing repeatedly.  I loved that we had that time together outside away from allt he things that I let distract me all the time.  Once the others got there (Daddy, Mary, Michael, Donna, Wyatt), Macy decided instead of laughing, she would let the critters in the woods know she was there.  The woods that are 10 miles away are included in her vocal range.  Of course, they all didn't get to see her laughing and being so very happy....except on Charles' phone.  Molly woke up by then and sat happily in Charles' lap, even though he was supposed to be a single man that night.
More big things happened this past week.  Yesterday, Macy rolled over for the first time!  Charles and I were both lucky enough to be there and watching when it happened!  The girls were doing "tummy time" to strengthen their arms and necks.  Macy has recently been lifting her head WAY up and yesterday, she found the strength to roll from her tummy to her back!  Woo hoo! 
Both Macy and Molly - just yesterday - started grabbing a certain toy and pulling it to their mouths!  Thanks to Amy Germano for these because they are perfect for the girls since they don't have good control of how hard they whack themselves with things.

Okay, something that isn't new, but is interesting to me, is that the girls both look at this very very boring spot on their swing and just smile and smile.  We got our swing at a consignment sale and the mobile didn't make it very, we have a toy taped to one side of it for them to look at....but the other side is just plain.  THAT's the side they look at, and they have a great time.  It is very funny to me.  Sometimes, I'll catch Molly, especially, looking at it and then looking away really quickly like she's bashful...and doesn't want the swing to catch her looking at it.  Here 'tis:

A few more pictures from our week.  Thanks for reading our blog....especially if you read this far into the post!  I am enjoying knowing that there are folks who read this and also that there's a new (to me) process where you can print your blog into a book.  I look forward to giving the girls this record of their first year.  My posts are about to slow down, though, so you can all breathe a sigh of relief :).  When I go back to school in a week and a half, my time will be used much differently!  Molly's waking up....gotta go!  :)
I love their cute little feet.  In the car or the stroller, sometimes, it is all I can see of them and it makes me smile.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

"A SEAGUL Invasion" (direct quote - Janice Mahoney)

Recently, a gaggle (also Janice's great word) of dear friends swooped down and payed us a very fun visit!

These ladies have all played a big part in shaping me as a teacher and a person.  I know they probably think I'm so crazy when I get emotional around them these days, but, I truly reflect on our experiences together and just get taken aback by the part they've played in my life and by seeing them enjoy and 'love on' Macy and Molly so much.

The visit was so fun and was over too quickly.  There's some serious brain power and creative energy when they're in the room together.  It is fun to hear them tell about their Grandchildren that they love so much.

Janice, Lynelle, Sylvia, Tootie, Linda - I love you for many reasons that I'd love to post specifically here but am not because I'm already too big of a sap!  Thanks for coming and for all your kind words.  You mean a whole lot to me.

Tip Me Over and Pour Me Out!

This week, the girls went to see Dr. DuBose for their 4 month visit.  It was eventful!

Weighing came first and my little butterballs are lighter than I had thought!  I really thought they were at the 14 pound point...but.....

Macy weighed 12 pounds 13.5 ounces  --- and 24 inches long
Molly weighed 12 pounds 6 ounces --- and 24 inches long

Dr. DuBose is so great...kind...good listener.  He started out by asking if we had any concerns or questions.  Let me set the scene for you.  Charles is sitting to my left...holding Macy, who is doing well...sitting quietly and happily.  I'm holding Molly, who is smiling at Dr. DuBose.

I asked if he would look at Macy's gums to see if she has teeth coming in because it seemed as though she did.  He took the tongue depressor and looked.  OH MERCY, you would have thought she had been attacked by 20 hornets....all stinging her simultaneously.  She shrieked so loudly, I think it took Dr. DuBose by surprise.  "I've never heard a cry like that."  My eyes got HUGE and without my normal 'filtering', I looked at the doctor and said, "You've never heard a cry like that?!?!?!"  I was thinking, oh my goodness, what is wrong with Macy...if she's making a sound that the pediatrician has never heard before.  Charles said, "Angela, I said that, not the doctor."  Ha!  All was well.  So, as Macy continued to scream, I focused on Dr. DuBose and Charles continued trying to sooth her.  He did a masterful job of checking on the girls and listening to my questions despite the background noise.

After his exam, he said they were both "perfect".  I love it when he says that!

When he left the room, I asked Charles to let me take a turn.  I stood over Macy who was laying on the exam table and started singing, "I'm a Little Teapot", and being VERY animated...big big smiles.  She stopped crying and gave one of her trademark, fast and big smiles.  The kind you can fall in!  Charles was standing behind me and cheered in the same exact way he does when one of his Fantasy Football players scores a touchdown!  He was so excited to see her happy! 

Then, came the shots.

A sweet lady came in with too many needles.  She said, "Which one do you think should go first?"  Ha ha.

I asked her if she gave shots to kids all day long.  She does.  Can you imagine?

Surprisingly, the girls do really well recovering quickly from their cries about the shots.  Even so, they get lots of hugs and love from us and I bet the nurses are out there thinking that they wish we'd hurry up and vacate the room for the next patients.  Mommy and Daddy are pretty hurt by the whole experience.  Especially when they're smiling up at you and then they feel the pain of the injection.  Charles said to Molly, (he was holding her), "I love you baby.  I'm sorry.  This is a federal law."