Sunday, September 29, 2013

Kite Flying! Our First Time!

What a beautiful day it was.....and we ended it with a picnic and our first (ten dollar) kite!

There was almost no wind at we did a LOT of running to try to get the kite off the ground.

When I looked at the close up, cropped versions of the pictures from tonight, it made me so very happy to see the joy on my girls' faces.

BTW - thanks to anyone who stops by our blog because you love us and want to keep up with our lives...that means a LOT!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Bye Bye Pacis

Good ol' Dr. DuBose very gently delivered the already known news that it was time to let go of the pacifiers...we've been intending to do that for months...but, MAN, it is hard to do when it makes such a dramatic and wonderful impact on your sleeping routine.

Dr. DuBose had given us several ideas at your last doctor's appointment about ways we could approach giving the pacis away.  We picked the one where we would take the pacifiers to the hospital...the baby floor....and "give them to the babies" who really needed them.  wink wink

So, finally, we did it.

We went to the 4th floor.....made our way to the nurses' desk.....smiled a knowing smile at them and explained how Dr. DuBose said that we could bring the babies our pacifiers....the nurses were so kind about could tell that what we were doing wasn't something that they've really done much (or ever) (thanks, Dr. D.)....but they did a great job inviting us to walk around and see the nursery......these days in hospitals, the nurseries are empty, often...because of the babies staying in the rooms more often.  So, as the girls looked in the babies.  But, several nurses offered to take the paci bags and give them to the babies.  I was totally impressed at how well they played along without any advance notice!

They were so happy to give them away.....but, come nightfall....uh oh.  We tried to warn them, but, it was a hard first night.  Things are better now...they have little "friends" (stuffed animals) to keep them company.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Pre-school - Your First Week :)

Your first full week of preschool has gone swimmingly!

Your new bookbags came yesterday....I was really curious about how we were going to decide who got the "giraffe" one and who got the "kitty cat" I opened the box and put them out....Molly,  you picked up the giraffe one....and Macy, you picked up the kitty cat....and it was as simple as that.  No arguing or stress about it.  Mommy loved that!!!

You were soooooooo excited to have book bags and they came just in time for "Book Bag Show and Tell" day (today).

Daddy took a picture of you with your book bags on going down the steps this morning....

Here tis!

And one saying, "Hey Mommy"

Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Milestone of 3 Year Old Preschool

What a wonderful start to "school" you have had!  On Friday, September officially started Preschool.  Your teacher's name is Mrs. Meghan Ray and your other teacher's name is Mrs. Joy.  Mommy taught your teacher's brother when he was in 8th grade....and now his sister is teaching you!  They come from an AWESOME MOM AND DAD and so it gives me more comfort than I can say to know that you girls are being taught and cared for by such "great stock".

As most Moms, I suppose, many emotions mixed together on this day.  I am comforted by the loving nature of the Preschool staff....I'm excited by the potential of all you will learn this year.  I'm amazed that you are old enough to do this.  I'm sad to know that there's no going back....time marches on. '

I'm thrilled that before you "left home" to go to school, you knew how to spell your name...recognize your name....say your full name....and tell us your birthdate along with knowing lots of shapes and colors and numbers.  You've been working in "school books" and you've amazed me at what you already know how to do....

Last week was a dream week, because I was able to go to Wednesday's orientation and sit on your classroom floor and soak up all the details of the classroom and meet the other Mommies and watch you get familiar with it all.   Then, I also was able to take you to your first real day on Friday...along with your Daddy (who is not handling this milestone as well as your Mommy)....I got to take pictures and get teary eyed and watch you do the routine for the first time of putting your folder in the basket...hanging your bag.....finding your name....hanging it on the wall....washing your hands and sitting on the alphabet rug.

But now, it is back to reality and Mommy gets teary eyed that I won't get to take you or pick you up from these exciting Monday, Wednesday and Fridays....that has hit me hard.  But, I'm thankful that I am able to cherish last week's big events.

This year will be so friends....learning routines....class parties.....snack weeks....line leader....colors of the class.....Mrs. Allison's chapel time....and so much more.

Since I can't stop you from growing up....I'm happy that we're able to give you this year of new stimulation and excitement!

Apples for the teacher  :)

Sweet reaction by Mrs. Meghan

I'm so proud that they can find their names!

Macy asked if she could eat the apple that she brought for Mrs. Meghan

Mighty awesome playground!!

I did not teach Molly to pose like that (above)
But I love what she did below!