Saturday, September 24, 2011

Love It!!

The girls turned 16 months old this week!  It just keeps getting better and better!

One of my favorite new things the girls have been doing is that when they want to walk somewhere that they're not quite sure they can do by themselves...they reach their hand up!  They want to hold our hand to help them out.  It melts my heart and I totally love it!  Sometimes at bedtime, they'll reach up to hold our hand while we walk into their bedroom.  So very sweet. 

Another thing I love is Macy's little dance she does...even when she's sitting down....she wiggles and kind of pivots on her hips.  She's been doing this for a long time, but it is still adorable to me.

Molly has a little sound she makes sometimes when she's surprised or really likes something and it sounds like, "wooo-OOO wooo". 

Every now and then the girls will come up to give us kisses and their mouths are WIDE open.  They don't quite get it.  :)

Molly's deep, southern voice she uses when she waves her very floppy "bye, bye" cracks me up every time!

In the last week or so, they've both started "backing in" to sit in our laps.  Macy, especially, will size up the angle she needs and from a distance start walking backwards ... aiming for our lap. 

I love that the 'heartbeat' sound on the sound machine makes Molly laugh.

I'm very excited that they've started to bring me books to look at with them.  For so long, they didn't want to do that!

When we accidentally leave the gates open, they are ON IT....and they get to the gate quickly!  Then they turn back, look at us, and take off running!  RUNNING.  It cracks me up.  They have keen eyes, too, because they can tell from a distance if the gate didn't shut all the way!

I love exchanging looks with Charles when we're watching them play.  We don't need to put words with the looks....we know that we're both thinking things like, "How'd we get so lucky?"  "I never thought I'd get to have this."  "Can you believe they're doing that?"  "This is so much fun...better than anything!"

Just last night, Charles said to the girls, "Listen to your momma" (which is funny because they don't speak English).  And then he said that he never thought he'd get to say that!  :)

We sure are blessed. 

Mrs. Tanja took thisof the girls .... she gives them GREAT hairdos!

Macy in the dress Aunt Ginger gave us!

The Birthday Boy holding the girls

Outfits from Mrs. Tanja!  She is soooo good to us!

This may seem like a wierd picture, but this is one of Molly's unique things....
she holds her hand up, but pointed down like that when she wants something....
it is unusual, but she is consistent and I think it is so funny!

It is finally cool enough for us to enjoy the swings again!

Molly's legs....the girls love to hide behind the curtains....they giggle and giggle and giggle!

Hiding in the corner....and they WANT you to come get them so they can SQUEAL!

Mrs. Tanja reading with the girls.
That is Molly's favorite book.

That's my cousin Michael who is so sweet to my girls.  LOVE him!

Macy and Emillie sharing some icing from Grandaddy's cake!
I love the look on Emillie's face.

Macy loves, LOVES to rub the edges of her blanket.

I never could get a good shot of Molly in her dress....
but she looked so cute in her brown, polka dotted dress.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Molly's Big Adventure

Yesterday, I needed to go to the Kershaw County Courthouse to get a copy of our marriage liscence.  I had to hurry to make it there after I went by the house, got the girls, and drove to Camden....worrying that on Fridays they may close early.  (They didn't, thank heavens!)

About halfway there, I realized I didn't have the stroller in the car.  Ugh.  How was I going to get them both into the courthouse without it taking five times as long with them using their walking harnesses?  So, as I parked the car, I decided I would carry one, and let the other one walk using their harness.  Since Macy has a tendency to throw herself down when she wants to go in the opposite direction, I decided Molly should be the walker. 

Our little harnesses are disguised as Monkey Backpacks...
The first time I put them on them I was amazed at how grown up it made them look....
Like they were going to school!

The side door to the courthouse was locked, which meant we had to make it up all the stairs in the front.  The picture below doesn't do it justice for what it looked like to a momma with two little ones....and imagine what it looked like to Molly!

 I was so proud of Molly!  She took each step like a champ and went through the metal detector like a pro.  The lady in the Probate Office was soooo kind to the girls, and we were out of there pretty quickly.  I was proud of Macy, too, because she didn't make a sound the whole time!

As we left the building I took a deep breath because those stairs are cement and I only had one hand free to help Molly down.  She giggled even though several of the steps she kind of slid down instead of stepped down.  I was so glad to make it to the car. 

This may sound over-dramatized, but truly, when you're in the moment, trying to figure out how to keep two little ones safe and controlled it changes how you look at steps, parking lots, shopping carts, and tons of other things! 
Here's a few pictures of us walking in the neighborhood.....we have some practicing to do....trying to go in the same direction.

Our neighbor has a wonderful backyard filled with cool things to explore....
She offered some fish food to Molly for her to throw in, but
Molly tried to eat it.  :)

The girls love to walk under our neighbor, Beverly's, willow tree.

Home after our walk

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Trip to the Park

This past Sunday, it was almost two weeks since my final chemotherapy treatment.  I started back teaching last week and have been amazed at how much better I am already feeling!  My legs and feet are tired, but other than that, I feel pretty good!

So, Charles and I took the girls to the Children's Garden this past Sunday.  We had the place to ourselves and it was great!  The girls could just run free.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Best Grocery Trip Ever!

Today, I was feeling more energy than usual and we needed a few more groceries, so we stopped at Kroger on the way home from another errand.  As I drive into any parking lot, I am always thinking, what is the best strategy here....stroller?  buggy...usually not because they don't have 2 seaters with safety belts very, today, I decided to try one of the carts with the car on the front that is as long as a semi, because there was one in the cart return outside and an open parking space beside it.  All the stars were aligned.

Our first time in one of these kinds of carts.....FUN!

The girls LOVED IT SO MUCH.....they were all smiles the whole time.  It was the best trip to the grocery store, ever, in the history of their little lives and mine!!


The joy that I felt watching them is indescribable and what I have always wanted! 
Oh my goodness....thank you, Lord, for these girls.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Last Days of Summer

I sure have enjoyed being home with my girls during this summer and time away from school due to my chemo treatments. 

The past few weeks, we've had some fun times.....

It was such a treat to go to the zoo with
a dear friend, Sylvia, and her granddaughter!

We love you, Mrs. Syvlia!!

Jeremy and Ginger drove up from Charleston to visit
while Irene was in town!
Watching the kids play while we ate pizza!
So nice to be at Daddy's on a big piece of land where the girls can just run free!

Thank you, Ginger for taking a picture of my little family!
Top to bottom:
Emily, Jeremy, Taycee, Molly, Macy

At the Children's Garden with Angela Fomby and her boys!

Some people talk with their hands, Macy talks with her forehead :)
Daniel and Macy :)

Look at how happy Molly is!

Macy, down on the farm
Macy loves it when we get in the car and start backing out the driveway....
she flashes a knowing smile that I love!

This is one of my favorite summer pictures of Molly

We were finally able to meet up with the Turners at the Zoo!