Saturday, November 27, 2010

Macy & Molly's First Thanksgiving

I love the anticipation that leads up to can gain weight just thinking about the food you look forward to eating!  Turkey, sweet potato casserole, macaroni and cheese (!), peas, beans, cornbread, HAM, banana pudding (!), dressing (!) and cranberry sauce....oh my heavens.  And tons more. 

Poor little girls, they don't have the pleasure of all of those savory dishes yet....but, I bought them some Sweet Potato Baby Food so they could begin their Thanksgiving Lives in the proper way. 

So, to keep a record for my girls, I'll rattle off some of the thoughts about their first Thanksgiving. 
--On Wednesday, Aunt Ginger came and cooked with me ... we made Sweet Potato Casserole & Mac-n-Cheese....Jeremy and Eric played in the yard while we gabbed in the kitchen....then we went over to Grandaddy's house and played and visited....Mommy ended the night double checking that we had enough cranberry sauce for the next day.

--Thursday morning, Mommy and Daddy busily got things ready for our whirlwind day.  We needed to pack enough stuff so that we could be prepared at Grandaddy's house and then drive up to Spartanburg to see Daddy's family at his MomMom's house (your Daddy's grandmother). 

--Lunch at Grandaddy's was much good food.  Such good turkey and dressing and everything else!  You two girlies slept through lunch....Mommy had brought your high chairs over so that you could eat like big girls at the table, but surprisingly, you slept!  Perfect timing, though, because as Daddy and I were finishing eating, you woke up ready for your bottle and  faSweet Potatoes.  Both of you loved your Sweet Potatoes!  Yay!  Your Turkey Day Futures are off to a great start.

--Around 3, we left for Spartanburg, but had to take a detour because Mommy's clothes were all sticky.  As I was fixing glasses before lunch, a Dr. Pepper exploded all over me and the kitchen.  Good thing that's one of my favorite drinks! 

--Around 5:30, we made it to MomMom's for dinner.  Mommy always looks forward to these visits because they are filled with kindness, love and a relaxed atmosphere.  The food was wonderful and it was so nice to share the girls with sweet family who had prayed for us to be blessed with babies.   So neat to think that last year, at MomMom's, Charles surprised his family during the blessing when he prayed over the food and asked the Lord to bless the two babies we were expecting.  Everyone opened their eyes and dropped their jaws.  :)

--We got home around 11 on Thanksgiving night.  It was a wonderful day.  The girls did great on the drive both ways.  They're able to play with toys now and enjoy the dangly things on their carseats. 

MomMom and Macy Lorene

Happy Host and Hostess

There were two rooms filled with gobblers.

I'm so tired, Grandaddy..... (Macy)

Wes and Daddy....wonder what they were saying....

Jeremy with me after Thanksgiving Lunch.

MomMom and Molly

MomMom, the hostess with the mostest.

Our happy little family.  Molly (L) Macy (R)

Molly and Macy at MomMom's house on Thanksgiving Night.
So much to be thankful for!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Santa Comes To Visit!

Charles and I are having so much fun with the precious girls.  It seems like every day, we're looking at each other and just shaking our heads in disbelief at how happy and thankful we feel.

We had a lot of fun the other day taking some early Christmas pictures of Macy and Molly.  Charles dressed up in cousin Judy's Santa Suit and we clicked away!  Enjoy this early Christmas set of photos.

Hope you and your family have a nice Turkey Day together.  Much love to you.

Charles is a wonderful Santa, but an even better Daddy. 
Happy Holidays to everyone. 
Thanks for loving us!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

6 Months Old - Today!

Mercy, mercy, mercy!

The girls are 6 months old today!

I truly can't believe it.

Molly Christie McCall, 6 months old

Some thoughts about Molly at 6 months.........
Molly is a precious little girl.  She is waiting for you to look at her so that she can smile a chubby smile at you.  As soon as she sees you looking at her, her whole body chuckles/giggles/smiles/curls up at the same time.  Lately, she has been wanting to do more than she is seems she's not content and always trying to 'get up' or sit up when she's not able to!  But, her efforts are not in vain.  This past week, she rolled over for the first time from her back to her belly.  She's quite the roller and the mover and shaker.  Her latest noises are grunt type sounds like she's trying to say she's frustrated that she can't do what she wants to.  So, sometimes she just squeals and squeals - high pitched - and you'd think she'd lose her voice because of all the noise she's making.  :)  There's a 'movie machine' hooked onto the rails of their crib and she kicks it to start it up all the time.  She is a very fast is hilarious to see her little, chunky legs move so fast!  She has been eating cereal and peas lately and she seems to like that a good bit.  That's my girl.  Mama loves peas a lot!  Recently, I was leaning into the back seat and playing with the girls while Charles was moving the car seat bases into his truck.  I was just saying silly stuff to them and Molly laughed...rolls of laughter...for quite a while.......such a great memory.   Molly is fascinated with her hands...and I adore the times when I look over at her and she is holding one of her hands up....slowly rotating it....and staring at it.  And, oh mercy, she's discovered her cute little feet.  Every chance she gets, her feet are up up up...and her toes are in her mouth.  It is so cute.  Molly Christie McCall, my 6 month old, first born daughter is a big ol' chunk of smiles and fun.

Macy & Molly McCall - 6 months old

If I could keep count of how many times people say to me, "Boy, you've got your hands full" .... gets so old hearing that.  But, when I respond to it, I try to convey the fact that I have waited all my life for the chance to "have my hands full".  It is not just everything I hoped is beyond measure of the amount of happiness I imagined I would feel if I could become a mom. 
One of Macy's fun faces :)

Macy Lorene McCall - 6 months old
Some thoughts about Macy at 6 months......
Oh Macy....she has become such a happy and content baby.  Her first few months were sprinkled here and there with what I call "screaming times" among the happy times.  But over the last few weeks, we've seen Macy become serene and content.  She seems genuinely happy...and it makes my heart swell!  When Charles gets home from work, she greets him with a huge smile.  He keeps the girls on Mondays (his day off) and has really been enjoying the time to bond with both of them.  The mornings around 9 are Macy's happiest times, according to Daddy.  But, she flashes a huge, dimpled smile at all hours of the day and it makes me want to squeeze her so tight.  Macy is starting to want to sleep on her side or belly more these days.  Sometimes I will find her twisted sideways in an awkward position as she sleeps.  She still does that 'nuzzling' in thing I remember noticing around 3 months where when she's sleepy, and you get her wrapped up and lay her down, she gets her head nuzzled into a spot that feels good, and she's GONE.  She really likes to sleep.  Macy's giggles are to die for....and her chuckles are funny because they sound like a little engine that's starting to rev up....and it leaves you wanting more!  Macy likes to have her hands on whatever is near her and this has been the case for a long time.  When you lay her on the changing table, she gets her hands on the little mirror that lays beside it....sometimes even with her eyes closed....she just wants her hands on what is there.  She is vocalizing sounds a lot...and the other night, she said "Mama"....even though it probably doesn't count in anyone else's counts in mine!  I grabbed her up and cried.  I'm telling you...these girls are in danger of me gobbling them up.   I love them so much.  Macy Lorene McCall, I wish you could have met Mrs. Rene, your namesake.  She would have enjoyed you as much as Charles and I are....I'm so happy you have her name.....and happy you are my round faced, jolly 6 month old baby.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Fun Afternoon with Papa Mully & Ms. Vickie

Yesterday, we had quite a fun afternoon!  Charles' nephew, Stephen, had a band competition in Irmo....which brought Forest into this neck of the woods.  He brought Ms. Vickie for us to meet and we're so glad he did!  She's a kind, smart, easy going person who was a natural with Macy and Molly.  It was so fun to spend time with them and watch Macy and Molly enjoy playing so much!

These two kind souls are so great together.....and they deserve to be super happy.  I wish we lived a little closer to visit more often.  But Forest made up for lost time, because he played HARD! 
As you can see, the girls are in love with their Papa Mully. 

Macy and Molly are so very, very blessed to have such loving people in their lives.  Every single day I feel overwhelming gratitude for the love that surrounds us.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Happy Halloweeny!

I have been SOOOO looking forward to dressing the girls up for Halloween!  We bought their costumes a while back and when Halloween finally came, I was so excited!  The girls were going to be pumpkins.  We got their pumpkin tops and shoes from Gymboree one night when we were strolling around the Village at Sandhill.  We ordered pumpkin onesies on ebay and I got some black tights to finish the look.  This was so much fun!

Here's my little punkins afterwards....