Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas Activities 2011

When I say, "Kiss Sissy", Macy- you lean in and touch your forehead to Molly's.

A few nights before Christmas, we went to visit some local lights.  The gentleman who hosts this event each year gives all the donations that are collected to Kamp Kemo.  He started doing this before he himself was diagnosed with cancer.  This year there were several areas with nods given to breast cancer.

Macy - all dressed up and ready to go!
Thanks, Krissy, for the fun dresses and silver, glittery shoes!

Molly - ready to go see the lights and trains in Elgin

Santa was there!  I was so excited.  The girls were not.  :)

Molly looks a little concerned.

Who IS this man you gave me to, Mommy?

Macy takes a good hard look at Santa.  She was not at all interested in sitting in his lap.

Molly with GranMary

Love this!  My two snow girls!

The girls really enjoyed wandering around .... Macy was drawn to these singers several times.
They were so sweet.  Later, I talked to a few of them and found out
they are counselors at Camp Kemo!

Daddy &  GranMary

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Today - December 17, 2011

Today was a wonderful day!  It is the first Saturday of my Christmas Break from teaching.  So, the time that we have together is such a treat.

I have been wanting to post all kinds of things lately about you girls but am totally overwhelmed by the thought of how much I've missed with the busy season of taking pictures with my little side business.  Sometimes that overwhelming feeling can shut you down for a while.

So, even though I have lots of things that I want to blog about....right now, I'm going to just post about today...and a few of the precious moments you gave me JUST today!

  • This morning, when I got you out of your cribs....I stopped at your crib first, Macy....picked you up, and you came up with your pink blankets...and your pacifier.  As soon as I got you up, you leaned back into your crib and dropped your blankets like your Daddy taught you to....and then you said "daaa" and lifted your paci up into the air towards the glass dish where you put them when you're not napping.  I loved it.
  • Then I went to get you, Molly.  As we walked to your crib, Macy was pointing to you, repeatedly saying, "Mommy" meaning "Molly".  Molly, you did the same thing with your paci....and then clapped afterwards, just like Macy.
  • We had breakfast and got a surprise phone call from Mommy's friend, Nancy.  It gave us the boost we needed to get going this morning.  Later, she came by and introduced us to her new grandson, Hudson!  
  • This morning, Macy, you said "cracker" for the first time while eating goldfish crackers.
  • You girls are saying all sorts of words these days....and I am completely amazed.  Some of your words are:  bird (bir), ball (ba), doggie (cookie), diaper (die-pa), bye bye, Mommy, Dadda, car (ka), baby, cup, meow, roar, woof woof, quack quack (kack kack), moo (boo)
  • Macy, you can point out a "bird" and "hat" in a WOWED me tonight when I asked you to find the bird in the book, and you turned to the page in the book where it was!  That was a first!  Then, you showed me where the hat was when I asked you where it was.  Unreal!
  • Molly, tonight after we got home from shopping, you played a while and then came into your bedroom when I was in there putting away clothes.  You came in saying "nigh nigh" over and over.  I didn't think much of it at first.  Then I realized you were saying "night night" and pointing to the pacifiers!  
  • The first time I laid you down for your nap today, I ended up letting you get up for a bit when Mrs. Nancy came.  When I went to pick you up, Molly, you looked so very you were thinking, "Yeah!  This is what I'm TALKING ABOUT!"
  • In Target tonight, you both did great!  In the checkout line, Molly, you were on your Daddy's shoulders, laughing and laughing.  It was precious.  Macy, you kept turning around looking up at me from the stroller.  It makes me feel so good when you do that.  
There were many times today when I thought about how thankful I am to have both of you.  I am continually blown away by how amazing it is that God can create such miraculous wonders and share them with us!  

I love you both so much.