Saturday, November 26, 2011

2nd Thanksgiving - 2011

I think this was one of the BEST Thanksgivings I remember in recent years.  We ate lunch at your Grandaddy's house.....played outside a was a beautiful day.

Then the next day, we drove up to Cowpens, SC to your Papa Mully's home with his new bride, Mrs. Vickie.  We had a delicious lunch - during which, Molly, you reached for the spoon while I was feeding you, and proved to your Mommy that you can feed yourself!  I was in awe of you.  Uncle Paul, your Daddy's brother, and his family came, too...and we all spent the afternoon visiting and exploring their beautiful property.

Papa Mully and Mrs. Vickie in front of their home in Cowpens, SC

Mrs. Vickie plays the piano like a dream!
She played "the itsy bitsy spider" on request....and just 'figured it out'!
Then, we stayed the night at Mrs. Vickie's relative's house next door.  It was so helpful for us to have a place to stay!  Then, the next morning, we drove towards your Daddy's hometown of Startex.  We stopped at Milliken to look at the ducks and we fed them some crackers.  Molly, you really did try to offer the crackers to the ducks, but you don't quite get the "release" yet.

Then, we headed to Carlee's in Startex.  We had a great time, playing with her 2 year old.  It was great to see them.

Our last stop was at Mom Moms.  She was kind enough to pull out picture albums
and show me some pictures of your Daddy when he was a baby.  I've been wanting
to see how much you girls looked like him at that age.  I definitely can see the

This chair that you are sitting in is one of your Daddy's favorite
memories of his Grandparents.  He remembers coming over to visit his
Mom Mom and Pop Pop and they'd be relaxing in these chairs.

There you are with your Great Grandmother, Mrs. Myrthice McGuigan.
I remember sitting in that same spot on the couch with your Daddy's Mom,
Mrs. Rene Mullinax, at Christmas time.  Mom Mom's house is full
of lively conversation and love.  She is a wonderful hostess
and loves you very much.

Molly, you enjoyed running back and forth in the hallway.
Macy, we guessed you were tired because you stood quietly beside
one of the bedroom doors.
Your Daddy's Grandmother's Home in Duncan, SC
From L to R:
Uncle Rodney & Aunt Patty; Uncle John, Sean, Mom Mom, Uncle Joe

18 months

Another milestone has come and passed.  
The girls turned 18 months last week.  
Things are more and more interesting around here.  
I just LOVE it!

Macy Lorene - 18 months
*"Cookie" = doggie
*rolls and then claps
*what's the duck say?  kack kack
*can get out of the house!
*"kiss sissy" = head bump with Molly
*Mommy, Daddy, Mommy (meaning Molly)

This is the evening that you turned 18 months old.
We went to Grandaddy's house and played and played.
He made those rocking chairs you're sliding on...
That's your buddy, cousin Michael, in the background.

Bows don't last 'round these parts.

Molly Christie - 18 months
*what's the duck say?  kack kack
*hands us invisible things
*takes out hair things especially when sleepy
*plays with hair when sleepy
*used a spoon for the first time on Thanksgiving Day 2011
*loves to touch the fan pull and the hanging butterflies
*giggle box
*pushes Macy out the way for yogurt

Monday, November 7, 2011

Fall is Beautiful

This weekend, we took the girls to the park and let them walk around the trails in the woods and enjoyed it so much.  I believe we must be at the "peak" of fall colors in the foliage....I feel like I'm driving through a work of art every where I go.  I L-O-V-E it.