Saturday, July 30, 2011

July 2011 - 14 Months Old

My sweet girls, you turned 14 months old recently.   You are more fun than you have ever been!   I have enjoyed this summer so very much. 

You make me so proud.  You are proving to be very patient children when you're feeling well. 

Here are some of my favorite things you're doing these days:

  • When I go to pick you up in the mornings, I stop at Macy's crib first...then Molly's....scooping both of you up and putting you on one of my hips.  Molly, when I stop to pick you up, I lean down and you grab onto my shoulder which makes it easy to scoop your little light self up.  Once I have you both in my arms, you both do the cutest thing.  You take your sweet little hands and pat me on the upper chest area, as if to say, "Hey Mama, we're glad you're here."  It makes me feel so good!
  • You're both saying "uh-oh" a lot....and Macy when you say it, you've started doing your lips in a cute, cute pucker that sticks way out. 
  • Molly, the other day, you walked over to where Macy was and got close to her....and the two of you kissed each other 3 times!  And - AND - you both giggled in between kisses!!
  • We put the plastic chairs that Mr. and Mrs. Lee gave you for your birthday in the den, and you both like sitting in them and reading books, or just sitting and resting....sometimes leaning way back and poking out your little bellies.  You are SO cute doing that!
  • Molly, you giggle all the time.  All the time.  I love it and it makes me so thankful.
  • Macy, you say "uh oh" and THEN drop stuff.
  • Cold carrots from the fridge have become your new teething tool of choice.  I love it!
  • You love books!
    I love that!!
    "Daddy's Home!"
    You girls hear me say that and then, first, you look at the front door...and then next you go stand at it,
    squealing things like, "Ditty!"
    Macy clapping hands...."Yay!"
    Your Grandaddy found a new way of hiding from the camera!
    Daddy has a good time with you girls! 
    He was crawling and chasing you and you were squealing and giggling!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Some Sweet Summer Memories

Yesterday and last night added up to make one of the happiest, most fulfilled days of my life!  It was a simple day....and what made it extra meaningful was that I was truly living in the moment.  I sat on the floor with the girls periodically during the day and they would walk over and fall into me with those knowing smiles that I adore.

Just ONE little kiss, hug, look makes all the hard work and long wait for them more than worth it.

Watching the pure joy on Molly's face as she looks at a book, laughing at the pictures, is a memory I will treasure forever.  She doesn't realize that anyone's watching....she's not trying to be cute....she is just enjoying life....and absolutely adores books.

This week, Macy has started saying "Uh Oh" in the most precious way I've ever heard.  She will either drop something or throw it down and say "uh oh" barely moving her lips....her voice sounds so cute...and it is such a subtle sound...and I crave hearing it! 

Last night, at bedtime, Charles and I were in the nursery putting pjs on the girls and changing diapers....they 'rediscovered' the curtains in there and had more than 30 minutes of fun playing peek-a-boo and getting lost and found behind the curtains.  All four of us laughed and laughed to the point where my cheeks hurt in the best way. 

Today, Molly came and 'fed' me a snack for the first time and she was so proud....she comes at you with the biggest, most joyful smile that seems to be amixture of pride and happiness.  Then she just falls into you and mercy, it is wonderful.   She also has learned how to climb this week.  Her favorite spot to climb is on top of the book basket.  She is Queen of the Books!

Macy has been dancing recently....when I turn on the CD player, there's a bit of a delay, so she stops and watches it until it starts playing and then she smiles a dimple clad grin and squeals.  She is going to be like her Daddy because she's really into music and she can already feel the beat!  We absolutely love it when she does her little squatty dance. 

Another thing that I've been enjoying is their language....I don't mean a twin language....I mean Macy speaks Dutch/Yiddish and Molly speaks German/Chinese.  I don't want to see these days end where they walk around saying all kinds of things with great feeling and look at you like they have really just communicated with you.  It is so much fun!!

This summer has been absolutely wonderful because I have been able to sit here and just soak in the wonder of one year olds.  I am so thankful to have the time to just enjoy watching them play.  It is so much fun to see them smile at each other and interact.  They've grown so much, they're getting tall, and they fill my heart completely to bursting.

Thanks for stopping by!  Hope you are doing well.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Hello there,

I've been having a little trouble posting on this blog recently.  Hopefully, I'm back on track!
The girls are walking everywhere and Charles and I are constantly amazed that we'll look up, and there they are, walking around, leaving the room....coming back!!  It is crazy how a stage will end....and it is such a big realization to think that they'll never, ever go back to the previous ones.

I am loving listening to their sounds and seeing them look so serious about whatever it is they're saying.  Macy has that little high pitched language that sounds like she's from Europe, and one of her favorite "words" to say sounds like "gouda, gouda, gouda".   Molly has a silly deep throated thing that she does with her voice at times and then at other times, she says "Ditty" (Daddy?) in a high pitched voice.

We had a wonderful fourth of July....starting at a family get together and then ending at Charles' boss' home/pool.

Last 4th of July, the girls were in their car seats,
just a month and a half old.
It was so amazing to see them walking around this year!

This was the girls' first time in a real pool. 
This was on the 4th of July at
Charles' boss' home.
They loved it!
Molly had a good time playing under Grandaddy's shed.
We went to visit him and he was sitting in his
spot under the shed, shelling peas.   Yum!
Macy's 4th of July shirt said, "Little Firecracker".
She was a happy girl that day.  I can't believe
she's already turning into a little girl.
A friend of ours offered for us to pick blueberries at her place recently. 
The girls LOVE blueberries, and we do, too!
It was a cool evening and there was a
great breeze.  Fun times!